Laminate Flooring Manufacturer

Why has the laminate flooring manufacturer become so careful with details regarding his products? Well, for one thing, he wants to make his products of such a quality as to attract more and more buyers. The quality lies first and foremost with the resistance of this kind of flooring to heat, humidity, scratches and all other kinds of factors. So, the laminate flooring manufacturer is doing his best to make his products resemble the old-fashioned, long-lasting hardwood floor that most of us wish they had but cannot afford.

The quality also lies with the aspect which is provided by the finish and the texture of the laminate flooring. Therefore, the laminate flooring manufacturer has tried to reproduce the color, the texture and the shine that the customer may have in mind for his flooring. So, from whitewash pine to dark reddish mahogany or dark grayish stone, laminate flooring can imitate whatever you have in mind. And reproducing is not all the manufacturer wants to offer you; he also tries to offer a longer lasting shine or finish. For this, the tips offered by the laminate flooring manufacturer are critical in maintaining and cleaning your floor without causing damage and requiring replacement of boards.

Another aspect that provides quality in the laminate flooring manufacturer’s opinion and not only in his is the installation aspect. The easier it is to install, the more accessible and looked for this floor is. In order to simplify the process of installing, the manufacturer has thought of doing away with gluing as part of the installation as that had higher chances in leading to a sloppy and more time-consuming installation. The glue has been replaced by a better system based on locking tongues and clicking sounds that let the installer know that the planks or boards are fit well together. This locking system makes installing so easy as to even encourage buyers to install the floor themselves and save money. The laminate flooring manufacturer may sell his product together with a “do it yourself” kit which consists of the tools you need in the installation and a guide with step by step instructions easy to follow.

Last but not least, laminate flooring means to copy the appearance and sound of hardwood flooring; therefore, beside the aspect, the sound also counts, and the laminate flooring manufacturer recommends the thicker laminate boards if you want the enjoy the sound of seemingly stepping on genuine hardwood floor in your home. Also the thicker laminate flooring – such as the 12mm one – is more resistant to humidity and buckling.

All in all, a successful manufacturer will have quality in his mind and will show concern in the aspect, the resistance, the sound and the installation of his laminate flooring.

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