Installing Laminate Flooring

Installing laminate flooring can be done in two ways either hire someone who provides this service or do it yourself. Either way, installing laminate flooring is not supposed to be difficult anymore, as manufacturers want to please their customers and make things as easy as possible for them these days. That is why, some laminate floors come together with a diy kit in which ample instruction is provided on how to install the newly acquired floor.

The first thing to do is to remove the old floor you have in your house or room. Then make sure that the subfloor is the one required for the laminate floor you want to install. Also according to the subfloor concrete or wood, you are supposed to choose the underlay that suits best. The underlay is responsible for isolation in terms of heat and sound, therefore you might want to go with the thicker kind.

After you have finished with the underlay, installing laminate flooring comes next. Lay the boards according to the direction from which the light comes into the room and thus your floor will have a nicer effect on the eye. In case you do not have spacers, make sure you acquire some as you have to leave some space between boards to avoid buckling in case they expand because of exposure to humidity. The spacers at the edges are supposed to be removed once you have finished installing laminate flooring inside the room. The empty spaces left at the edges are to be filled with flooring trim in a neat manner especially when you work with adhesive substances.

As it may sound, installing laminate flooring is not a difficult task. In fact, it can be quite fun especially if you have friends over to help out. the only thing that needs to be respected is the instruction given by the manufacturer. And if friends want to help out, make sure they precisely follow the instructions as they are written in the booklet.

After installing laminate flooring, there is no need to avoid walking on it for several days. The next day you can already enjoy the feeling of walking on your newly acquired floor and check if the sound resembles that of the hardwood floor, in case you have bought the flooring expecting to imitate the looks and the sound of the old-fashioned, all-impressive hardwood one.

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