How To Lay Laminate Flooring

Many people try to find out how to lay laminate flooring as they want to carry out this task by themselves and avoid paying others’ services. That is why do-it-yourself laminate flooring has appeared on the market. In order to install the flooring yourself, you need to have a reliable guide on how to lay laminate flooring.

The first step in guiding you on how to lay laminate flooring is to consider the sub-floor over which you install your new floor. You should first choose one kind of underlay, be it the foam underlay type or the wood fibre one, depending on how thin or thick you need your underlay to be. The thicker the underlay is, the better the insulation against sound and heat.

The next of how to lay laminate flooring is to bring the boards inside the room where you intend to put the floor and leave them there for about 2 days in the position you intend to install them so that they could get used to the climate in that room. then start installing your floor and get ready to do some cutting and measuring yourself. Do not forget to use the spacer you are provided with so that you can leave some space between boards in case they expand later – which by the way is quite natural to laminate flooring. When moving to the next row of boards, the easiest is to use a 30-degree angle when locking the tongues, then apply pressure down and forward at the same time to fit them well together.

In case you have trouble with laying the last row of planks because the plank is wider than the space you have for it, then do some measuring and resort to cutting.

Finally, remove the margin spacers and fill the empty space with flooring trim that goes with your floor. If you want your trim to look neat, then use a cutter. Moreover, attaching the trim is also important as you wouldn’t want the trim to glue to your floor, so be careful with applying the adhesive material.

If there were a show on how to lay laminate flooring, you would surely get bored watching it especially if you didn’t have any intention to learn how to lay laminate flooring. But in that show they would probably give you tips pretty similar to these one on how to lay laminate flooring.

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