Diy Laminate Flooring

Diy laminate flooring is the option for those who want to save money and are willing to engage in installing it themselves. It is advisable to have a do-it-yourself kit which includes a guide with professional advice to go through before and while installing your diy laminate flooring. Here are some tips you can use when you install your new flooring.

First, remove the old flooring that needs to be replaced. Make sure the surface to cover is level and dry. If you need to even the surface then give it enough time to dry so that your diy laminate flooring wouldn’t get damaged. Hopefully you have already checked whether your new flooring can be laid on concrete or only wooden flooring. Then, open the flooring pack and allow the planks to get used to the humidity of the room, if there is any. Leave them in the position you are going to lay them for about forty-eight hours. Also take off any door that opens inwards so you won’t come across any difficulties while installing your diy laminate flooring.

Then, if your diy laminate flooring hasn’t come with the underlayment already attached to it by the manufacturer, a place the underlay beginning from one corner and against the wall that looks straighter. Get the edges of the underlay together and tape them rather than overlap them. One very good suggestion is to lay the planks so that their direction matches that of the light coming inside the room through the window. If the wall mentioned above is straight, snap your diy laminate flooring together and start laying it down. You might think of getting someone to help you join your the planks together. This will surely reduce the amount of effort and time you need to assign to this task. Also do not forget the other accessories that provide the final touch. For example, if you are dealing with stairs you should not take stair edgings out of the picture.

At the end make sure you remove the spacers from the margins of the room and fill the empty spaces they left behind with flooring trim. That would provide the finishing touch to the whole installation process and you need to make sure the filling in with trim is carried out neatly without getting trim adhesive on your diy laminate flooring. Good luck with the installation!

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