Cleaning Laminate Flooring

Installing the laminate flooring that you’ve spotted for your kitchen, bathroom or any other room in the house has been a very easy process. And many say that maintaining and cleaning laminate flooring is just as easy. There are, however, several things to bear in mind in order to make sure that a good job is done in preserving the laminate flooring good aspect that manufacturers brag about and you have got immediately after installing it.

In case cleaning laminate flooring needs to be done on a daily basis, what you need to acquire is a soft brush for dry cleaning. If that does not satisfy your needs in terms of cleanliness, then a damp mop can finish the job perfectly. For the spots that are less accessible due to heavy furniture or are at the edge of the room, there is always the choice of using a smart vacuum cleaner. Generally speaking it is recommended to avoid wet cleaning. If this is however required, then make sure your mop is not soaking wet but only a bit damp, otherwise the water that will get on you floor may cause the edges of the planks to expand and thus your floor may get the swelling effect nobody likes.

In case cleaning laminate flooring needs to be done in order to remove a stain, then it is best to use a detergent that is milder or resort to a combination of water and vinegar in case lukewarm water does not work. They say cleaning products based on citrus work best in cleaning laminate flooring, but then it is always a good idea to test what effect your cleaning product has on your floor in a less visible place and then you can use it with faith on all the surface of the room.

In case the aspect of the floor is no longer as it was in the beginning, you should not try sand paper, steel wool or any other strong abrasive material to remove dirt. Just as important, do not use lacquer to bring back the shine in your floor, as this will destroy your laminate floor.

In order to preserve the good looks of your floor use an efficient door mat at the entrance door of your house and then cleaning laminate flooring will not mean dealing with scratches from small stones or sand, or huge spots of dirt. Also when moving your furniture around the house use some special pads to avoid leaving marks that will make cleaning laminate floor more challenging.

Following these pieces of advice is common sense, but besides this you should not forget the instructions provided by the manufacturer as to cleaning laminate flooring efficiently.

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