Loom Knitting

Knitting is becoming popular; loom knitting is an obvious solution for the next "time-conscious" generation of knitters. Loom knitting is very old craft, but it is in style again. Loom knitting is available in a variety of shapes such as round, oval, and rectangular. One type of them have one row of pegs, they are known as single rakes; the size of loom is a decided on fact how much you want to expand the piece of cloth. Size of pegs and their distance from each other, these factors affect the knit stitching and also thickness of yarn that works best on it.

Typically Loom is used to make knit fabric. These pegs look like a piece of knitting needle. There are various methods of wrapping the yarns on the pegs, to create knit work in variety of stitches and patterns, same as needle do. On rake loom creates a fabric that has number of distinctive right and wrong faces, while double rake loom creates a double knit fabric, both having right sides.

Loom knitting is quite an easy task; you can easily learn it, especially people who scare of knitting with needles, will surely find loom knitting easier. There is plenty of information regarding how to do loom knitting, and hoe to get the wonderful patterns, out of loom knitting, there are many websites available on internet you can easily get an idea.

Children as young as 5 years old can easily knit, there own hat using the loom. So kids will be busy during long winter vacations. Traditional needles can also make loom knit. In many countries knitting looms are usually made to give away. Instead of large floor looms or mechanically driven weaving looms these looms are lightweight and portable.

Looms can be used for knitting while watching television, though it sounds quite difficult but it's true once you have a practice no need to look at it at all. In a waiting room, or while you are in your car and getting bore of traveling, this could be a great way of using your time, same way you will be doing something creative and productive.

There are different kinds of looms:

1. Hat looms:

Hat looms are obtainable in 4 different knitting gauges:

- Large gauge allows the use of two strands.

- Regular gauge allows the use of one strand, single stitch, and beautiful tight stitch.

- These gauges are preferred for baby items.

2. sock and bootie looms:

Sock and knitting looms are available in three different gauges:

There are three varieties regular gauge, small gauge, and fine gauge:

- Regular loom allow you to knit with different yarn thickness for different season.

3. Afghan looms: there are infinity rakes in these type. They are oval and infinity rake.

4. Mitten looms:

They are available in two different gauges, regular and fine gauge.

Looms are also classified according to the gauge size:

1. Large gauge looms

2. Regular /medium gauge looms

3. Small gauge looms

4. Fine gauge looms

5. extra small gauge loom

6. extrafine looms

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