Knitting Supplies

Knitting is the oldest craft among all the crafts. Knitting threads or yarns are used to create cloths or warm cloths. Knitting is the process done by the loops, and these loops are stitched through each others and this way, you will get different patterns of the cloths and fabrics. But to develop this fabric you will need some devices with which you will be able to knit with.

These different materials need to knit the fabric are as follows:


These yarns used for knitting are generally sold in the form of balls or skeins, also called as hanks or otherwise it may be wound or bobbin or cones. These balls are usually sold with yarn bands which will give the details of that yarn which you are purchasing. These details are regarding yarns weight, length, dye lot, fiber content, washing instructions not only this it will give suggestion, about which needles are to be used and the gauge. While knitting it is most probable that the yarn will finish; therefore you should keep some yarn bands for future reference for additional purchases. Mostly you should prefer the yarn with single dye lot. This will tell you the group of skeins that are from different dye lots, though they are dyed together and this will give different strips while knitting. You should keep some extra yarn while knitting, which will not affect the efficiency.

Knitting Tools:

Besides this other necessary thing for the knitting, are the knitting tools. These tools are knitting needles and ancillary tools.

While knitting you have to complete three basic tasks these are: holding an active stitch, second task is when these stitches becomes secure, then you have to release them, and the third thing is that, new tights of should passed through the fabric generally from active stitches by securing them.

To carry all these tasks, you can make use of your fingers, without making use of any knitting tools, but in general practice knitting is done with the help of knitting tools, like knitting needles, knitting machine like rigid frames. These knitting rigid frames are called knitting boards, knitting rings or knitting pools according to their size and shape. All these frames are called as knitting looms.

Besides these tools and other tools, are used to prepare yarn for knitting, to measure and design knitted garments and also makes knitting easy and more comfortable.

Ancillary Tools:

Crochet hooks and the darning needles are used for binding the joints, of two knitted pieces edge to edge. Among these the darning needles are used for duplicate stitches and also called Swiss darning. Whereas the second crochet hook is used for skipped, or drooped stitches specially stitches like tufting. These all are regarding small fabric, but if you are working with large fabric, then it is most probable that you will forget about the stitch then for this purpose there are many tools, for counting the stitches, identify the number of specific row or stitch which will cover circular stitch markers, hanging markers, extra yarn and counters.

These are the different tools which can be used while knitting at home.

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