Knitting Stiches

Knitting is a really fun hobby! You can get complete satisfaction by creating something very beautiful yourself. Don't worry, even if you have forgotten all you learned in your school days, you can easily start knitting all over again. Here are some tips to start knitting.

To start, try to knit with help of plastic needles and light weight yarn, till you get evenness and accuracy. Begin knitting: first cast on. To cast on, make a slip loop over the left needle then pass right needle through loop from left to right yarn under and over right needle then draw yarn through the loop and transfer the loop to your left needle, continue this till you get a number of stitches on left needle.

There are basic five stitches you should know before you start knitting. These five stitches are "knit stitch", "knit two stitches", and "the purl stitch", "stockinette stitches" and "yarn over stitches".

Let's start with basic knit stitch. To start with basic knitting, the most common stitch is the knit stitch, for this pass right needle, through the first stitch of the left hand needle. Now wind yarn over crossed two needles over right hand needle. Just gently pull through loop. After that just slip over first original stitch from left needle to right hand needle. Repeat the whole procedure till you transfer all stitches from left needle to right needle.

If you wish to have effect like a twisted rib, you just have to knit into the back of the knit stitch. For back stitch, just insert needle into back of the stitch of left hand needle. With this back knit stitch you can even create awesome textured stitch patterns.

Second basic stitch is a Purl stitch; this pattern created with purl stitch will look like a brick face, when viewed from purl side of pattern. First you have to take the yarn in front of the needle, then insert right hand needle in the first stitch on left hand needle. Wind yarn around back of right hand needle from right to left, then just draw loop backward which will allow stitch to sleep off left needle to right hand needle. The main thing to remember about this stitch, is that you have to take the yarn in front of needle. Continue till all stitches are transferred from left needle to right needle.

Third basic stitch is a Stockinette stitch. This is commonly used stitch for sweater and socks. This is simple stitch, has a combination of two basic stitches, Knit stitch and purl stitch. You have to knit one row with knit stitch and one row of purl stitch. If you want to increase the stitch then knit one stitch in regular fashion, but do not slip the stitches off the left needle, after that knit another stitch through back of same stitch and slip stitch off left hand needle.

In order to knit together two stitches. Just have to decrease a stitch just knit two stitches together or you can even two purl stitches together. For making even stitches, decrease at edges knit the second and third stitches together.

You can start knitting with five stitches and start knitting!

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