Knitting Socks

Knitting socks is easy and good for the knitters who have just begun to learn knitting. It is very cheap also. Knitting socks needs only up to 5 balls of yarn, and more varieties can be made. Knitting socks is quite enjoyable because once the basic skill is learned, it gets really easy, and it is less time consuming.

Knitting socks can be completed in two ways. The socks made with heels will be more comfortable than socks created with heel-less. The size of the sock depends on the circumference of the ankle. First the measurement of the foot and ankle should be taken and 1 inch should be subtracted for adults, and half an inch has to be subtracted for kids for the best fitting. Usually, the ankle circumference will be 8 inches for women, and 10 inches for men.

For the best fitting, sock yarn should be used. If the yarn is thicker, the same measurement of ankle should be taken for knitting. The calculation of the stitches is the first step for the pattern of the socks. Let us keep the cast on the stitches. It should be divided equally, across three double pointed needles. First a stitch marked should be put on the beginning of the round. Then ribbing should be done. The needles used for ribbing must be smaller than the needles used for the remaining part of the socks. After ribbing, larger needles should be used for knitting. Stockinette stitch should be used after a ribbed cuff and plain leg. Stockinette stitch gives a good pattern work and a better fitting.

Next step is to divide for the heel. Half the stitches should be put on one needle that should be from the beginning of the round. Remaining stitches should be put on the spare needle. Now the heel can be knitted front and back on the single needle. Stockinette stitch should be done for 2/3 to 3/4 rows in the heel. Now the stitches on the heel should be reduced and heel should be turned. After this the gusset should be formed. There should two selvedge edges between the heels. The stitches should be picked up along the edges and the gusset is formed. Knit the stitches on the rest of the heel. The stitches on the gusset should be decreased.

The foot of the sock is the next step after gusset. The measurement of the foot of the sock should be less than 2inches of the length of the foot. Now start from the center and make 1/4 stitches on the first needle and 1/2 on the second needle and 1/4 on the third needle. There should be alternate decrease rounds and even rounds. A sock can be finished in many ways. The stitches on the toe can be reduced and two needles are bind-off or cast off the both sides and sew it together.

Wool is best for knitting socks. It is very comfortable and gives perfect fitting. Synthetic yarn can also be used but it becomes sweaty and it is not flexible.

When you are following ready made patterns ,then pay attention to the instructions given, like check the gauge of wires or needle. Choose patterns as you like depending on your choice and skill level. Once you have tools and yarns, know about basic stitches and then build some pattern and start knitting!

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