Knitting Magazines

During the 17th and 18th century, the Scottish Isles main occupation was knitting. Colorful patterns were made by using Fair Isle technique. The Industrial Revolution brought a major development in the knitting. The British government published a booklet by the name "Make do and mend" that supplied knitting patterns for people to knit sweaters, gloves for the Army and Navy.

Knitting has undergone a vast change. There are lot of magazines and online publications for knitting. Adirafil is an online publication that has free patterns, yarn information etc. This site is accessible in four languages (English, Spanish, Italian and French). It is published four times in a year, and it gives information about guild news, free patterns etc. Creative Design school publication gives knitting lessons and instructions. Family circle Easy knitting & Crochet is published four times a year which can be subscribed online. Heels and Toes Gazette is published quarterly and gives information about sock knitting, sock patterns and knitting tips.

InKnitters is a quarterly magazine published under Machine Knitters source. This magazine is mainly featured on patterns and articles about knitting. Interweave magazine is published by Interweave Press. It is a quarterly magazine. Knit N Style can be subscribed online and it is published six times a year. It deals with free patterns and bulletin boards.

Knit Net is an online knitting magazine, which gives more about retailer information, great patterns and articles. It is published five times in a year and its issues are available on CD ROM. KnitScape Magazine is published two times in a year and under the publishers of Interweave Press. Knitters Review is updated every week because it gives the latest information about yarns, shops and techniques of knitting. Knitting digest features about the latest patterns and designs in the knitting. It is published six times in a year.

Knitting Now, has three issues in a year which gives information about patterns and technical support of knitting. Knitting Universe is a famous magazine that is published four times a year. It also gives information about nice patterns and techniques of knitting. The European Yarn Company publishes Lana Grossa and it is issued seven times in a year. This is an online magazine. Machine Knitters Source is a magazine published 6 times in a year which mainly features on articles about machines.

Machine knitting monthly, is a website, which is updated every month and features about news and reviews, articles, hints and tips. MagKnits, is published with free patterns. Piecework Magazine is also published by Interweave Press, which is published two times in a month. There are projects on knitting, embroidery and crochet, stitch, basket, lace and other craftwork. Rebecca is German knitting magazine that gives information about free patterns and technical support.

Rowan is published twice in a year that gives information about patterns of Rowan yarns. Sandar is a knitting magazine that is published monthly. Spinoff magazine is a quarterly magazine that deals with articles of spinning and knitting.

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