Knitting Looms

Knitting looms, around since the 16th century, are considered fairly easy to learn and use and are growing in popularity. There are varieties of shapes in looms: some are round, oval and rectangular.

Single loom rakes have single row of pegs and double rakes have two rows of pegs. Looms are mainly used to make knit fabric. The size of the fabric depends upon the size of the loom. And there are many names used for loom knitting: fame knitting, ring knitting, box knitting, spool knitting, reel knitting, French knitting, knitting board, reel knitting are other names for loom knitting.

In the knitting loom, the stitches are made by interconnecting loops which becomes a fabric. Loom knitting is similar to needle knitting. In the loom knitting, the pegs are the needles. When the peg holds one loop it becomes a stitch. The yarn surrounds the pegs. The knitter has to wrap each peg and lifts the bottom loop over and off so that the loop is dropped to the inside of the loom. A stitch will be created when the loop is lifted over and off.

In the knitting looms, knitters combine the purl stitch and knit stitch. Hundreds of stitch patterns rises with this combination. But the designs were limited only. Recently, the loom knitting has undergone vast changes. Lace patterns and cable designs can also be knitted in the loom knitting. Knitting comes in different sizes. There are some popular sizes in the knitting looms that are known as loom gauge. There are three main factors that influence the gauge in the loom knitting. They are knitting loom gauge, yarn and knitting tension. The measurement from center of one peg to the center of other peg determines the gauge on the knitting looms. Another important factor that influences the gauge is the diameter of the peg shaft. If the spacing between the pegs is large, then the stitches will have long space between them. If the pegs are closer, the knit gauge will be smaller.

The knitting loom covers three types of looms. They are single-sided rakes, rounds and knitting boards. The round knitting looms are known as hat looms. They come in different shapes and sizes. They create small tubes for the baby socks, and larger tubes for the hats made for adults. They have stitches similar like needle knitting. A flat panel can also be created using round loom. This form is called single sided rake. You can find single sided rakes also in the knitting looms. They are used specifically to create flat panels.

Knitting board is a part of the knitting looms. The knitting looms have double bed of pegs, which faces each other and allows the knitting to pass through. They are also called knitting frames or double-sided rakes. A fabric is created with double side and there is no wrong side. Knitting tool is a long piece of metal and has an angled tip that is used to lift off the loops.

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