Knitting Loom Pattern

Knitting is one of the oldest crafts, but many women feel it to be a boring craft, not only this, they think that it is craft for grandmothers only, once you starte with it you will generate more and more interest in it. Once you create interest in it, then you will be enthusiastic for creating different types of the knitting and you will be in search for the different patterns.

Once you got interest in it, then you will try for different patterns with different combinations of yarn. This knitting is useful not only for making scarves, sweaters etc but you can make different types of bags, hats, socks, slippers, mittens and gloves and many more miscellaneous things also.

These patterns which mentioned above are described as follows:


The bags which you generally purchase from market with the help of these patterns you will be able to prepare them at home. These bags are as follows:

1) Bitty Bunny Purse: This bag is made with the help of Knifty knitter brand looms to prepare this you just need to have just basic knowledge of knitting. Bottom of the purse is flat.

2) Double Take Purse: this bag is reversible made in red and blue colors, with the help of Knifty knitter brand looms. The stitch used is of garter method therefore you must need to know e-wrap and purl stitch. This is able to finish within 5 to 6 hours.

3) Cables Baguette: this bag has only one middle chubby cable and on side two mock cables are there. This is an complicated pattern, therefore beginners will find it very hard to do.


Hats are the other type of the knitting patterns, and are easy, anyone can do it at home comfortably. The different types of hat patterns are as follows.

1) Little Petal Hat: It is a simple design of lace on the hat, which beginners can do easily. This is style of 100m knitting edge which is picot edge cuff. This style will give a womanly quirky look. This will need the loom of around multiple of 8 pegs and 65 heavy worsted wool yards.

2) Sweetheart Baby Bonnet: these are the best baby fedora these are delicate lace edge which will be frame the little face. This is the beginner level pattern. This pattern needs around 65 worsted weight wool yards, and the stitching skills needs are knit stitch, purl stitch.

3) Christmas tree hat: this is the warm winter cap. This design when used will give you something new in your regular life. Not only the cap but you can create different sizes of this design for bottle covers or many more things for the Christmas. This design can be made with the help of Caron Simply Soft yarns in red, green, Yellow and brown color. To stitch this you must have the knowledge of e-wrap stitch, purl stitch and single stitch crochet which need reduce pegs binding off.

These all are different patterns for knitting at home.

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