Knitting Instruction

Knitting is a traditional art and craft most generally associate with using wool and yarn. These two materials are used for different patterns of tops, scarves, socks, etc that can be crafted via knitting.

Knitting is very traditional, generally used by grandmothers to do all kind of things, but today many women are getting interested in this activity. Though knitting seems to some to be boring, once you get into it, you definitely gain an interest in it.

There are different patterns and designs for knitting. Being by using two needles plus learn some basic instructions.

Usually there are two types of stitches to use throughout your patter or other instructions; the knit stitch and the purl stitch. On the whole, knitting is nothing but the combination of these two stitches.

The details of these instructions about how to knit stitch are as follows:

Knit stitch:

First of all you have to hold the knitting needle with the cast on stitches in your left hand. Now push the tip of the right needle, in middle of the front of first and second stitch now the needle must be pointing to the right which will fed the point in the course of first stitch by keeping it under the left needle. While doing this, the yarn which is in use must be at the back of the work.

Now take the yarn which is in use. You have to loop this around the right knitting needle such that it should come from back to the front by resting the knitting yarn in between the needles. At this point pick up the yarn on the end on the right needle and pull it through first stitch to the front side of the work. The next step is to slip off the old stitch from left needle so that the new stitch would be on right needle.

While working or knitting generally keep the knitting yarn swathe over right forefinger, this arrangement will help you in keeping the yarn on back side. Until you get all the stitches on the right needle, keep knitting and when all the stitches will come on the right needle turn this right needle around, and hold it in left hand. At this situation will be the first row now again follows the same steps for second row.

Knitting instructions for purl stitch:

The first knitting needle must be with the cast on stitches in your left hand. Here the yarn must be hanging in front. Now push the tip of right needle in to front of first stitch in right to left direction. Now enclose the knitting yarn, around right needle point by crossing two needles so that it will hang in front again. At this position slide right needle downward and back by taking new loop the yarn from front to back through old stitch.

By following these steps you will get a purl stitch on right needle and yarn is hanging again in front side. Again follow the steps for all stitches and once you get all the stitches transform them on left needle and again repeat the steps.

Enjoy your new craft. Here’s to your success!

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