Knitting Help

Knitting is an ancient craft, this craft has been passed on from our ancestors, but this knitting went out of fashion. This is the best way to create the desired pattern instead of buying it from the shop. To create this fabric, if you are new, means that you have to learn simple steps in order to knit.

If you are really interested in knitting, you need not worry because knitting becomes simple when using the correct knitting tools, which are called knitting looms. For this you don't require many tools. You just have to start with a ball of yarn and a pair of knitting needles.

To begin with the stitching, your yarn spinners will give you information about stitches, and rows which that particular yarn you can anticipate to knit using specific set of needles. And if you are not getting such information from those yarn spinners, then you should ask a retailer.

Generally the numbers of stitches are found in the area of around 10 cm square or around 4 inches. This will be helpful in case of the small samples in this you can see how many stitches come into view, in 1 inch this will let skip the partial stitches and hence they will not be counted, resulting in a wrong pattern.

For this purpose you need to purchase a type of yarn that will be able to make about 20 to 22 stitches in an area of 10 cm or 4 inches for about 28 to 30 rows about 4 inches in stocking stitch. Beginner often prefer to work with 100% acrylic.

For knitting purpose another requirement is knitting needle. You must have a pair of knitting needles. To start with and for life long buy aluminum and nickel plated brass knitting needles. Other types of needles are also available in the form of bamboo, plastic, rosewood and any metal. The needles which you are purchasing must be smooth as well, not easily bendable.

Once you have all the required things, then you should learn how to make a slip knot. This knot is generally preferred for sweaters, socks and scarves. For this, first of all take a end of yarn and unwind around two to three yards. Next, hold it in between thumb and finger such that the ball end is going away from the thumb across inside of the finger. At this stage wind it around finger.

Now insert the needle point under this circle. Tip the needle over by lifting the crossing over strand back up through the loop. This is the loop now to carefully lift (the yarn) from your finger and draw it up. Making use of this loop, now start with the desired stitch. Make use of the knit stitch or purl stitches.

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