Knitting Blog

Knitting is a part of the craft. Since many generations this craft is used in home. Knitting is the craft in which we can prepare a nice fabric with the help of thread like yarn and wool. The mechanic of the knitting is simple as that of the crochet in which loops or stitches have to pull in between each other in specific way so as to get the fabric.

Knitting differs from the crochet in two three points. Generally in case of the crochet multiple stitches are active it means that they all are in use at the same time. These active stitches are use to hold on the needle till another loop passes through them with the help of second needle. The second point is that in crochet only single needle is required but in case of the knitting two needles are necessary.

You can create fabric with the help of needles by hand or you can get the fabric with the help of machine. But the thing is that if you wanted different patterns and designs as the end product then you have to knit by hands. To produce a long length of fabric then make use of two straight needles this type is called as the flat knitting. On the other side if you want the flawless tube you have to make use of the circular or double pointed needles in circular knitting.

To get different patterns and style you can make use of different yarn and knitting needles with the help of different colors, texture, and weight or integrity. Basically there are two types of knitting which are weft knitting versus wrap knitting and another type is flat knitting versus circular knitting.

In weft knitting zigzag design of yarn can found all over length of the fabric. This design will follow to the adjacent columns instead of rows. On the other hand in case of the wrap knitting zigzag design will follow all over the length of the cloth in adjacent rows instead of columns. The next type is flat knitting versus circular knitting. In circular knitting you will get flawless tube, in this knitting is used to cast the circles of stitches which are joint. On the other side of it in flat knitting fabric is knitted from interchange sides. This will become the right side in the flat stitching.

These are the basic types of knitting and for knitting purpose you can make use of the yarn which acts as the thread of fabric. Not only has this you can have number of the knitting tooled for creation of different patterns in the fabric. These knitting tools are knitting needles, ancillary tools, etc. with the help of these tools and different stitches you will get different patterns as the end product.

Though these seems t be of the grandmother way of craft once you enter in this you will develop more and more interest so as to get variety of fabric using vivid yarn and stitches.

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