Entrelac Knitting

Entrelac knitting is a very interesting type of knitting. In this type of knitting beautiful textured diamond patterns are created. The knitted fiber made with Entrelac knitting just looks like basket woven strips of knitted fabric. In this pattern basically there are interlocked pieces are connected which have different orientations. This Entrelac knitting is really a fun and resulting fabric of just look very pretty.

Entrelac knitting can be done on both circular and flat. In circular Entrelac knitting is turned after full round of squares and next set is knitted in opposite direction. There are many other techniques are there for getting textured fabric but Entrelac knitting allows you have multicolored knitted fabric. And even Entrelac knitting is used to have multicolored patterns. You can have many different colors for single pattern but to keep it simple try to use minimum color because as number of colors increase complexity of this Entrelac knitting increases.

For making Entrelac pattern you only require knit stitch and purl stitch and you must have ability to knit or purl two stitches together. You can even use garter stitch or stokineete stitch.

First thing you have to knit first base triangle, cast on seven stitches then starting with purl stitch continue till 14 rows with stokineete stitches. Then for second block, use another color cast 7 stitches on another needle then repeat seven times for next row knit 7 stitches, after this row for next row 6 purl stitches and purl 7th stitch together with adjacent stitch of first block.

Then third block, across upper edge of first block pick up 7 stitches and then continue with yarn from second block, knit purl stitches for 1st row. And with stokineete stitch knit till next 14 rows.

For next block , use different colors again cast on 7 stitches repeat the 7 purl stitches and after that knit 6 stitches and after that 2 stitches together repeat this procedure for 7 times. Keep yarn as it is, don't break it. .

For 7th block pick seven loops along the left edge of block two onto left hand needle continue with yarn from fifth block and then knit stokineete stitch for total 15 blocks. And for last seventh block repeat the procedure of second block. And repeat this whole procedure for creating some specific patterns.

Amazing thing about Entrelac knitting is that row of knitting contain many small rows inside the blocks. If you wish to have square edges then Entrelac knitting is done with triangles. It is knitted same as squares but with decrease and increase of stitches.

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