Circular Knitting Needles

As you know there are many different types of knitting needles available, Circular knitting needles are one of them. With using this type of needle you can create seamless tube. Knitting with this kind of circular needle is also sometimes called knitting in the round.

Use of circular needles was started in the beginning of 20th century and as use of these circular needles increased the long double pointed needles were out dated. With these circular needles you just can't do knitting circularly but you can knit anything that can be knitted on two straight needles can be knitted back and forth on circular needles with very less strain on shoulder and wrist.

Circular knitting needles are lot fun to work with. You can do lot with this, sweaters, bags or you can do many other fun things with it. These needles can be made of many different types of materials like bamboo, resin, plastic or even metal. There are new glass circular needles they are many designer colors they look simply amazing. Usually this needle has two hard tip joined with a flexible cord. Length of this circular needle is measured tip to tip which ranges from 12 inches to 60 inches. 12" is length normally used for socks and mittens and 60" can be used for knit entire bedspread in one piece; you just have to be strong enough to hold it up. For sleeves or caps you can go for 16" inches needles. For adult sweaters 24 to 32 inches are very good.

For getting started with circular needles; casting on process is same as straight needles. If you are knitting a round project; there are several different methods for joining a project in round. You can simply knit the first stitch very tightly, so there won't be any gap between first and last stitch in round. ; you can even cast one extra stitch and then just slip that stitch onto left hand needle ; after that just knit first and last stitch together before starting pattern.

When you knit with circular knitting needles you are knitting on only one side of fabric every time, which is not the case with straight needles so that means you have to change pattern accordingly. Usually circular knitting is done using stokinette stitch; which makes circular knitting easier as you just have knit every row. For garter stitch instead of knitting each row you will need to knit one row just purl one row. If you purl every row it would be a reverse stokinette. These are some common stitches around.

While buying circular knitting needles the length of nylon cord between the needles. It can ranges from 6" to 40" inches. When you knit with circular needle; circumference is important. For adult sized sweater then go for longer cord.

You can use these circular needles for flat patterns too. Just like two straight needles, cast on and start knitting back and forth. Knitting with circular needles is great for knitting on the road.

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