Wooden Kayaks

Even though there are lots of materials available to build kayaks, wood is predominantly used in its building. Wooden kayaks are strong and light weight. Building kayak with wood is affordable to all and also wood is an easily available material.

Wood is used in building kayaks because they are durable when compared to steel and fiber glass. Most wooden kayaks weigh less than the commercial manufactured boats. It is not possible to specify the exact weight of a wooden kayak since different wood will have different density.

Red Fish Wooden Sea kayaks

The Red fish wooden sea kayaks perform well in water. The Return is a fast wooden sea kayak. It has shallow arched bottom to minimize the wetted surface area of the boat. It has superb entry and exit line and longer water line which help the paddlers to get greater speed. This kayak has been designed to provide sufficient stability and therefore even a beginner can paddle without fear.

The spring run is also a fast wooden sea kayak which is one foot shorter than the Return. It provides optimum stability so that you can do other activities like taking photographs, fishing etc without any fear. This kayak has larger volume than Return and can accommodate a larger paddler well. In fact there are two types of spring run wooden kayaks to suit small or light paddler and heavier or larger paddler.

The silver is a narrow wooden kayak which is 16 or 17 feet long. The silver wooden kayak has narrow beams that allow upper body movement of the paddler. This is a cedar strip wooden kayak and it is the most beautiful wooden sea kayak.

The King wooden sea kayak is designed for advanced paddlers. It has unique handling characteristics that will provide you an exciting experience in sea. The hull configuration in the King provides outstanding performance. It is fast and responsive to leaning turns. This wooden sea kayak is comfortable as well as efficient.

The Parr is designed for a child paddler. If you want to introduce kayaking to your child then the Parr is the superb way. It has removable sponsons. You can attach the sponsons to the kayak to get enhanced stability. If the paddler gets more practice in kayaking then you can remove the sponsons.

All these wooden kayaks have adjustable foot braces and water tight hatches. The foam seat will add the paddler's comfort while kayaking. Generally the price of wooden kayaks may vary from $4500 to $800. The price may vary if you want to add some optional features like custom seats, custom thigh braces etc.

Stewart wooden sea kayaks:

There are two models in Stewart wooden sea kayaks. The Blue fin is Greenland type wooden kayak which is based on traditional design. It turns well when leaned. This kayak is more suitable for intermediate paddler. It has foam seat that can fit the paddler well.

Northern Light is a south western Greenland type wooden kayak. It has straighter sides than Blue fit. It has flat V shaped bottom. This boat is very easy to turn. It has spacious cockpit for free entry and exit. It has foam fitted seat and back rest. It tracks well in flat water.

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