Tandem Kayak

Kayaking is certainly a most popular adventurous water sport. Initially when kayaking started, kayaks used were just designed to accommodate only one person. Now with Tandem kayak you can navigate through heart pounding rapids or paddle vast ocean or glide across lakes or just take trail through hidden waterways that too with your spouse or your friend.

Since two people can accommodate in such kayaks at a time so these Tandem kayaks are sometimes also called as doubles. Two people can enjoy thrill the experience of kayaking at a time. These Tandem kayaks are great for beginners, so all you people who are little nervous about being alone in water, as some other person can join you during this wonderful journey. Even if

There is absolutely no rule for person traveling with you, anybody just anybody from your kids, parents and even your pets can accompany you on kayaking trip. The most amazing thigh about Tandem kayaks is that second person doesn't even have to paddle if they don't wish to. Just ask them to sit with you can take them to most adventurous and thrilling tour of waterways, kayaking. As these Tandem kayaks are much wider so they are much more stable than usual kayaks so second person and you will definitely have safe kayaking experience.

Kayaking with Tandem kayaks is great option for families; earlier families with small children were not able to enjoy kayaking. But now with these Tandem kayaks, there multiple seating arrangements allow children to stay together and adults to keep eye on them. If your kids are very small then place them in the lap of adults, older children can seat in their own seats. Ideal condition would be children in middle of two adults.

The big question while kayaking with Tandem kayaks is that "who sits where?" seating arrangement is most important for smooth and easy kayaking. This sitting arrangement can be done in many different ways like experience, weight, practicality and preferences. Sitting arrangement should be in such a way that it will maintain harmony among the whole crew. If experienced person in rear then he or she can properly direct the kayak as in kayaking person seating on back side steers the kayak. Sometimes even weight of paddle will determine seating arrangement; beat more weight should be more on rear seat.

Two persons sitting on Tandem kayaks should work as team, as teamwork is most important part of Tandem kayaking. For better kayaking experience first thing be very calm with your partner and have good communication is the key factor for successful and enjoyable kayaking experience. Though second person just come for a kayak ride, but if both are paddling the Tandem kayaking will be much more easy and quicker. If paddling is done in unison then you can do kayaking very efficiently, this is quickest way of kayaking and that too without any clashing of paddles.

Tandem kayaks really can be so many different things for different people but it is truly versatile and fun water sport from small lake to ocean.

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