Sea Kayaks

Sea kayaks are specially designed kayaks that will have all round deck lining, upturned bow for lifting kayak over swell, rudder etc. The sea kayaks must be able to paddle even when the cockpit is full of water.

Sea kayaks are suitable for experienced paddlers only since sea kayaking is different from flat water kayaking. Therefore you must carry spare paddles, life jacket, flares etc. However sea kayaks are the exciting ways to explore various islands and beautiful marine world. You can also enjoy watching various creatures in sea like turtles, fishes etc and number of sea birds. There are separate fishing sea kayaks also which will allow you to fish in sea.

Sea kayaks will be normally comfortable since you will like to travel around the sea for number of days. Therefore the sea kayaks are designed with comfortable seat, adjustable back rest and foot rest. Sea kayaks offer more stability on any water conditions and the skeg will help to face the changing winds.

Some of the popular sea kayaks are as follows:

1. Prijon Millennium Sea kayaks:

This is the fastest sea kayak and is made up of plastic. These sea kayaks have comfortable padded seat system. The hull system offers more stability and speed. They are suitable for medium and large paddlers. They are light weight and reliable.

2. Prijon Kodiak Sea kayaks:

They are safe and fast kayaks. They are ideal for large and heavy paddlers. They are made up of plastic and thus they are light weight. The spacious cockpit allows easy entry and exit. These kayaks provide stability and good speed.

3. Dagger Coorang sea kayaks:

These sea kayaks are ideal for small paddlers. They are renowned for their sleek design. They have comfortable cushion seat and adjustable thigh braces.

4. Dagger Specter Sea kayaks:

These sea kayaks are the beautiful kayaks. They combine both performance and comfort. They have cushioned seat and adjustable back rest. They offer stability and good speed. They are suitable for large paddlers.

5. Gala sport Metax Sea kayaks:

They are the light weight and fast sea kayaks. The roomy cockpit allows easy entry and exit. They have adjustable back rest. They are fast responsive kayaks and help in quick and easy turning. They have 2 water proof hatches. They are durable kayaks.

6. Dagger double sea kayaks:

These sea kayaks are ideal for family touring in sea. They offer great speed in all weather conditions. The two cockpits are roomy for accommodating two paddlers. You can enjoy short or long tour trip with these sea kayaks. They have space for storing food an water so that you can enjoy multiple days in sea.

All these sea kayaks are light weight and therefore you can carry them easily in your car roof rack. They offer easy handling and thus you need not apply any stress on paddling. These sea kayaks also come with glass bottom so that you can enjoy the under ground marine world. Some sea kayaks are ideal for fishing also. They offer great stability so that you can fish easily. The sea kayaks for fishing provide anchors also. This helps in fishing and bird watching. Sea kayaks provide good tracking irrespective of the wind conditions

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