Sea Kayak

Sea kayaking is an excellent way to enjoy the nature. You can take either single sea kayak or double sea kayak and enjoy bird watching, under ground marine world, sun rides and sun set etc. Some models of sea kayak has transparent bottom that will help you to enjoy the marine plants and other creatures in water. Sea kayak is an ideal way to paddle leisurely. You can buy sea kayak for your own use on vacation or you can simple get it for rent.

Magnetic Island sea kayak is an Australian tourism business that will offer sea kayak for rent. You have to pay rent for single sea kayak and double sea kayak separately. The amount will vary depending on the days you have taken the sea kayak for rent. The rental sea kayak is allowed only to experienced paddler. The safety equipments like life jacket, first aid kit, flare box etc will be given by the Magnetic Island. Hence you can enjoy the turtles, dolphins, whales and large selection of birds with the help of sea kayak.

If you want to buy your own sea kayak then you can select the best according to your wish. A list of sea kayaks are as follows:

Venture kayak:

The venture kayak is ideal for paddling in sea. You can get more stability while paddling on sea water. It is durable and light weight. It has a roomy cockpit to accommodate a single paddler. The chinned hull edges well and helps in turning.

P&H Capella Sea kayak:

The P & H Sea kayak is made up of plastic and is available in two sizes. They are Cappela 160 and Capella 165. The triple layer plastic with foam core offers stiffness even in rough water. The excellent Skeg helps in straight turning when there is cross winds.

Necky Eliza Touring Sea kayak:

This sea kayak is suitable for small paddlers. The V shape hull design provides good speed and stability. It has comfortable seat and adjustable back rest. It is made up of plastic and therefore it is light weight. You can carry this ea kayak on your car roof rack. Loading and unloading can be done easily by a single person.

Dagger exodus:

This is the fastest sea kayak. IT is made up of plastic. It is suitable for exploring the sea. A beginner can even paddle this sea kayak easily. It offers more stability. The chin hull helps in turning smoothly. It has padded seat, adjustable thigh braces, adjustable back rest and foot rest.

Double sea kayaks:

Double sea kayak is specially designed for family kayaking. It is especially good for family where one person paddle for some hours while the other one can take rest and vice versa. Prijon Yukon 2 and Prijon excursion are the wonderful double sea kayaks. The prijon Yukon 2 is made up of fiber glass while Prijon excursion is made up of plastic. Some of the sea kayaks though built with plastic has transparent bottom made up of fiber glass. The fiber glass bottom is durable as well as it will allow undisturbed view of marine world. The double sea kayak may also include kids seat or pets seat so that you can take your child or pet with you while kayaking.

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