Sailing Kayak

The sailing kayak is a 14 feet long kayak that folds to 5 feet wide and is 12 feet wide when sailing. You can carry the ailing kayak in a car top roof and the total weight of this kayak is 200 lbs. The less weight makes it possible to load and unload by a single person. The sailing kayak can be operated by foot steering and therefore you will enjoy hand free sailing in sea which allows you to take photographs, or fishing. The sailing kayaks are safe in all weather conditions. The roomy cockpit in this kayak can accommodate two adults.

There is fiber glass spray shield for each cockpit. There is also a rudder mounted electric board, wind shield etc. The assembly work of this sailing kayak is very easy. You will not require any tool to install this kayak. This kayak is very easy to handle and therefore even a non sailor can learn to handle it within 5 minutes.

Clear blue Hawaii molokini clear bottom transparent kayaks:

These kayaks have transparent bottom that will allow you to enjoy the under ground marine world. They are suitable for exploring the world's water bodies. They have water proof light weight lamps to provide more enjoyable experience in sailing. The 100% transparent hull allows you to view the marine world without any disturbance.

Ocean kayak Frenzy:

These kayaks are the friendliest kayaks. The built in keel offers easy tracking. The ocean frenzy performs well in moderate ocean swells and waves. They are made up of durable poly ethylene. They are ideal for nature watching, fishing, day playing etc. The frenzy kayak can accommodate the whole family. A beginner can also handle them easily. It will provide long life span due to its durability. The open cockpit allows you to watch the surroundings. The molded seat provides optimum comfort to the paddler.

Ocean kayak Scrambler:

These kayaks are suitable for moderate ocean swells and waves. The cockpit can fit one person. It will help you to enjoy fishing, diving, surfing, day playing etc. The easy handling feature of this kayak will allow even a beginner to paddle easily. The durable poly ethylene construction offers durability. The molded seat offers great comfort to the user. These kayaks are available in sunrise, yellow and red colors.

Ocean kayak yak board:

This kayak is ideal for water playing and surfing. Its flat bottom helps to cut back and forth to the waves. The extreme stability makes it suitable for kids. It is suitable for several water conditions like breaking surf, flat water and slow moving rivers. This kayak allows you to enjoy day playing, exploring, nature watching and surfing. The durable polyethylene construction body helps to give long life. The molded seat and the molded in side carrying handles are some of the exciting features of the yak kayaks.

Ocean kayak Malibu two:

These kayaks are perfect for one or two paddlers or two paddlers with a kid. They offer more stability and they are easy to use and store. It is ideal for families and beginners. They can be used in slow moving rivers and moderate ocean waves.

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