Many sports require good gear as does kayaking, a thrilling and fun water sport with a kayak. There are many different types of kayaks available in the marketplace today so finding the right kind of kayaks can be a bit confusing.

It is important for you to know some basic things about kayaks. So, read on for helpful information to help you choose your perfect kayak.

Kayaks are basically a small boat that has a similar structure as a canoe. The origination of kayaks is also very interesting, as it was originated by Eskimos from Greenland and then it was also used by Eskimos from Alaska.

There is only one main difference in the canoe and kayaks and that is this: in kayaks paddler's legs are hidden inside the kayaks. Kayaks have pointed bows and sterns and they are fully covered except for the cockpit, where paddler sits and then forwards the kayak using a double-bladed paddle.

The first kayaks were built for only one paddler. However, now many different types of kayaks are available which can accommodate more than one paddler.

Over the years, many different types of kayaks were designed. So now there is wide range of different types of kayaks that are available like whitewater kayaks, flat racing kayaks, recreation kayaks and many more.

Typical kayaks available in markets today can accommodate 1 to 4 users at a time.

Depending upon their structure, kayaks are classified under rigid kayaks, folding kayaks and inflatable kayaks. Rigid kayaks are basically kayaks, made of fiberglass, plastic, wood or Kevlar. Kayaks made up of plastics are very tough and long lasting. If you consider weight then fiberglass kayaks are lighter but they are more expensive; these fiberglass kayaks can be easily damaged but they are very easy to repair.

Wooden kayaks are usually hand made they have their own beauty. These wooden kayaks come in a kit so users first have to assemble all parts together before start kayaking, wooden kayaks require very low maintenance

Folding kayaks are very interesting type of kayaks that easily folded. Their biggest advantage is their portability and storage. These folding kayaks are usually made up of aluminum or wood and these are collapsible. The length of such folding kayaks is more compared to usual kayaks and they are collapsible. These kayaks are much more expensive that normal kayaks but since they have the advantage of small storage area, they are worth it.

Inflatable boats are specially designed kayaks for easy portability and storage. You can carry these kayaks using a carry bag. These kayaks are made up with PVC and they are very cheap. You can easily inflate this boat using electronic pump or with help of pump. Low pressure air is used in inflatable kayaks. These inflatable kayaks are not rigid and have pointed rafts. These types of kayaks are suitable for calm water and rivers.

Paddling kayaks require more effort. Plus these are bit slower than other kinds of boats. But still, kayaks are thrilling.

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