You must have seen a kayak bouncing across rivers or gliding across ocean beofre - if not in real life than on tv, in a book or online...somewhere hopefully. Though they look very small and seem to barely accommodate for occupants but at the same they can be loaded with enough supplies. Kayaking is really a great water sport, it is thrilling, adventurous but at the same time it is lot of fun.

The basic thing you will require for go kayaking is one perfect kayak. Kayak is actually a small boat made up of metal cage which covered with cloth or material like plastic. The whole body of the kayak is covered except the sitting area of paddler which is also called as cockpit.

For choosing perfect kayak for you must consider few things like your size and your fitness. There many different types of kayaks are available in market like whitewater kayaks, flat racing kayaks, recreation kayaks and many more. Typical kayaks available in markets are that can accommodate 1 to4 users at a time. Even tandem kayak is a popular type of kayak. Tandem kayaks are really versatility. They are very wide than solo kayaks, Tandem kayaks have lots of storage room, they can be paddled solo. For beginners to start kayaking, tandem kayaks is great option. They are perfect for teaching child. And if you are beginner yourself, then you can share a tandem kayaks with some experienced partner. Paddle for a some months in Tandem kayaks with good paddlers then gain some confidence and skills and you are all ready for thrilling kayaking experience.

Most famous and modern kayak types are Sea kayak, skin on frame kayak, recreational kayak, surf kayak, inflatable kayak, racer kayak and many more.

Sea kayak are specifically designed for kayaking in sea. This kayak can accommodate one or two paddler. These kayaks have very high stability and rat storage place. Sea kayak can be further divided into two types strip built type and seat on type kayak. Strip built have design just like wooden traditional kayaks but they are much lighter in weigh as they are made up of fiberglass. Sit on top kayak is very popular and widely used type of kayak. Sit of this kayak is above the water level, but this kayak is wider in length than normal rigid kayak.

Then other type of kayak is recreational kayak, this kayak is perfect for peaceful sailing, so you can do photography or fishing with help of this kayak. Whitewater kayak is usually made of PVC and smaller in length than normal rigid kayak, and these kayaks are usually used in river.

Surf kayak is also known as surf skis, they are specially designed for surf zone rescue and to surf breaking waves for this purpose this kayak is very narrow. Unlike other kayak which has closed cockpit; surf kayak has open cockpit. Racing kayak are designed for racing with high speed. But in this kayak achieving stability is really a hard task. This racing kayak is sub type of flat water and slalom kayak.

So choose any kayak from all these kayaks and enjoy kayaking.

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