Kayak Travel

Man always loves to visit new places around the world. He searches many places and instruments to travel. A kayak is the product of this search. Kayak travel is one of the good means of traveling in the early times. But in early days food and shelter are his main goals. Kayak travel are first created by native people from Arctic region. They use it to hunt on lakes, rivers and water of the Arctic Ocean, North Atlantic, Bering Sea and North Pacific oceans. Koyak travel is used for their life and struggle for extsting. Some people become so expert that they can balance their bodies on koyak.

What is kayak travel?

Kayak has a meaning as mans boat or hunter's boat. It means a small boat powered by human beings. This boat is like a concave lence in shape. This boat is covered by deck and its cockpit is covered by a spratdeck. This boat can work with the double bladed paddle by a sitting paddler. Kayak is also known as canoes.

Kayak travels gives you immense pleasure to travel in. the place can be anywhere like sea, river and lake. You trip will be full of enjoyment and excitement. If someone likes to do new things then kayak traveling is best thing to do. You can feel the beauty of water and nature at the same time. Explore new places and enjoy yourself to the fullest. You can find new fishing spots and wild animals. This is kayak travel is all about. How exciting it is!!

Everything changes with the time and need so is the case with kayak travels. There is changes in the structure and shapes of the kayak travels. It depends on the use of the kayak

The kayak travel named baidarka created by indigenous people was useful for their bunt and transport of people and goods. Umiak is used in vast sea. It works with single bladed paddles. It requires more than one paddler.

Old kayaks work with one, two or with three paddlers. Spray deck is used to prevent entry of water from waves. It is attached to the edges of the cockpit. Most of the traditional kayaks are made up of wood material. There are three types of traditional kayaks. These are Baidarkas ,Alaskan and chines.

West Greenland kayaks are angular in shape. East Greenland kayaks are similar to West Greenland kayaks.

Now days kayaks are made by rotomolded plastic, fabric, fiberglass, Kevlar, wood and carbon fiber. Modern kayaks are of many types. They are sea kayaks, white water kayaks, surf kayaks and racing kayaks.

Sea kayaks are of three types. They are sit-on-top kayaks, recreational kayaks and skin-on-frame boats. Some sea kayaks can be used for surfing. Wooden kayaks are of two types. They are Stitch & Glue and Strip-Build.

Kayak Travel destinations:

Everglades National park, Florida is one of the famous places for kayak travel. Potomac river, Maryland is known as a whitewater gem. Puget sound, Washington

East Matagorda, Texas.

You will definitely enjoy a trip of kayak travel.

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