Kayak Trailers

You can get the best kayak trailers from Trailex and Rack and Roll.

Single kayak trailer:

This trailer can carry a single kayak. It uses rubberized steel suspension to remove road bounces on kayak. You can assemble the trailer easily. The trailer is made up of aluminum and thus it is durable and light weight. It is free of any maintenance cost. It can carry up to 200 lbs kayak.

You can also get other accessories for trailers like Trailer spare tires, front parking jack, Aluminum box for paddles and life jackets etc.

Multi kayak trailer:

Multi kayak trailer has epoxy coated leaf spring to hold kayaks up to 250 lbs. It is made up of aluminum and so it is durable and light weight. It is maintenance free and the assembly work is very easy that you can do with simple tools. It has two center vertical supporters to carry multiple kayaks.

The two vertical risers can be placed at any point along the T bar. It has safety cables to keep your kayak safe. It also consists of high speed wheels and tires. You can get the same accessories like aluminum box, spare tires etc separately.

Trailex 16 kayak trailer:

This kayak trailer has the supporting cross bars. The cross bars have cushioned vinyl extrusions to protect the kayak when trailering. The ends of the cross bars also have vinyl extrusions to prevent kayaks from damages while loading and unloading. It has epoxied coated springs and safety cables. It also has the adjustable under carriage. It has separate padded area for the paddles. The weight of this trailer is 390 and it can hold load capacity up to 1200 lbs.

Rack and Roll kayak trailer:

This kayak trailer is the safest method for transporting kayaks. It is made up of aluminum and thus it is durable and light weight. It has loading bars to keep kayaks. Rack and roll is far better than roof rack method of carrying kayaks since it has aerodynamic capacity. It operates with less noise and it can improve the gas mileage. Another important advantage rack and roll trailer is that it can be folded and stores when not in use. Therefore it occupies less space. You can assemble and disassemble it within seconds.

Apart from these two main trailers there is another kayak trailer also. AAA kayak trailer has # UKT4 model kayak trailer to carry 4 kayaks. It has rubber protective strips to prevent damages in kayaks. You can also get the storage box for the trailer separately. It has adjustable carrying arms to keep the kayaks safe. You can place two kayaks in the lower side and two in top. This kayak trailer can carry kayaks up to 12 inch long and 32 inches wide. The total load capacity of this trailer is 1200 lbs.

Advantages of aluminum kayak trailer:

Aluminum is the durable material noted for its light weight. It weighs just fraction of steel yet it is stronger than steel. It has rust resistance capacity and it will provide longer life span. There is no need of maintenance. These are the main reasons to build kayak trailers in aluminum.

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