Kayak Roof Rack

The popularity of kayaking is increasing day by day. When kayaking started it was only for one person and to sail on calm water, but now with modern technology many different types of kayaks are available in market. Also many different accessories are also available in market, from many such accessories kayak roof rack is the most popular and useful kayaking accessories.

Kayak roof rack is most important piece of accessory. It is advisable to have advice from professional to choose proper kayak roof rack for your car. Choose kayak roof rack depending upon your needs.

Kayak roof racks are more expensive than foam pads but they are easy to load and they are much more easier. Basis of kayak roof rack is towers. Towers are short, strong and vertical poles which are attached to the car. Bars are directly attached to car and if kept sliding track for bars then you can easily adjust them as per your need. Bats are pieces which run from one tower to another. Kayaks are loaded on horizontal bars.

There are basically two types of kayak roof rack, one that will fit to any car or racks which are made for specific cars. It would be great you can find kayak roof top which is made specifically for your car, don't worry if you can't find such racks, then take some advice from sales person which rack they recommend. Make sure that kayak roof rack will fit boat properly.

There are many types of attachments which can be attached to kayak roof rack system. You can have attachments like storage box, cradles or paddle locks. Cradlers are very popular attachments for touring or sea kayaks, cradles held kayak in upright position around the edges to help prevent stress and nulls damage.

To tie kayak to kayak roof rack, first lift the kayak onto rack, keep cockpit facing up and bow of kayak should be over the hood of the car. Take help of someone to do this. Arrange cockpit centrally between bars and the rack. Strap the kayak to the kayak roof rack with heavy duty straps. With rope secure the bow to front bumper and stem to the rear bumper. This way you can easily tie kayak to kayak roof rack.

You can even get kayak roof racks that side load, you can even get roof racks that have roller so make your choice and choose best one for you.

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