Kayak Plans

Kayak plans are available in many books. But many of these types of notations are not sufficient for a first time kayak builder. You can get any kayak plan designs by ordering online.

Kayak boats are designed mainly for pleasure and fishing. Therefore kayak plans must be made to build light weight and durable boats. The light weight of the boat should not compromise the length. The normal kayak boats will be12 to 20 feet long. For getting light weight you can select thick hard wood strips. The boat will then weight as light as possible. You can design either double paddle or oars to propel the boat.

You can plan to build your kayak boat with wood since wood is a cheap material that is affordable to any one. Again wood is an easily available material. Apart from this wood is strong, light weight and does not fatigue. Wood is stronger than fiber glass and steel. Wood can become soft at the bottom side and so you can use fiber glass at the down side of your boat. This will help to prevent moisture and abrasion. Moreover you can build your wooden kayak with minimum tools and in less time.

You can plan your kayak by strip building method. You should understand the art of bending small thin strips of woo to design the boat shape. You should also know to use the correct mixture of fiber glass with wood in order to produce a tough boat.

You can plan the recreational kayaks according to your need. For instance Nymph is kayak model boat which will be useful for light paddlers. 10 feet little auk is a recreational kayak suitable for digging around the protected water. 11 feet little auk is light weight kayak which can be used in ponds for large paddlers. 14 feet great auk is a kayak ideal for lakes and harbors. Sea Island sport is suitable for touring and fishing.

The success of the kayak design depends on the proper blend of art and science. There is no separate computer aided design package for designing boats. Yet you can use the shapes in CAD and can twist and reanalyze them until you get the suitable boat shape. With the design you can start planning to build your own kayak.

You should plan the kayak boats that suit any different conditions. If you are a beginner then you can start with the simple design.

You can build kayaks by using pre cut plywood that are then stitched together in the joints and glued The shape of the kayak is decided by the panel. The 2 dimensional panels are bent at curved edges. The stitch and glue kayak boats can be designed without forms also. Using stitch and glue method by using small strips of plywood will help in building strong and light weight boat within shorter period of time. The shape of the boat is determined by the shape of the plywood panels. You can get more stitch and glue plans from internet also.

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