Kayak Kits

If you want to build your own kayak, then you may need some materials. Kayak kits help you in building your kayak. There are number of new designs in building your kayak kit. The three main models in building kayak kits are empire model, infusion model and element model. The empire model kayak kits are suitable for weekend trips. They will offer great speed and it provides maximum stability on running water. The infusion model has short beam and so they provide good speed and easy turning. The element model kayak kits are the fastest kayaks and are suitable for two paddlers.

Kayak kits can be designed according to your preference. The kayak design preference will be Expedition, week end travel, Day paddles, Open water, quiet water and sports.

Expedition kayak kits are designed to explore open or sheltered water for number of days. The kayak will be designed as extended hull length so that you can go straight. You can carry high cargo in these kayaks and this is a very useful feature for paddling for multiple days. This kayak is suitable for any water conditions.

These kayaks are suitable for sea water and s o you can plan your week end with this kayak to enjoy any sort of adventure. They are able to cut through water quickly. They can be turned easily.

The day paddles model kayak boats are suitable for ay exploration. They can be turned quickly. They are light weight kayaks and thus you can carry them anywhere easily.

These kayaks are built for paddling in any water conditions. These boats reduce weather cocking and this will help you to go I right direction.

These kayaks are designed for paddling in calm seas and lakes which have more stability. These boats are ideal for fishing, bird watching etc.

These kayaks are deigned for playing on water. They are the fastest responsive boats and you can use them to explore hidden bays and beaches.

Apart from these preferences you can build your kayak in any of the three models. They are Strip built boat kits, Stitch and glue kits and Hybrid kayak kits.

If you want to make your boat absolutely light weight then strip built kayak kit is the excellent way. Many of the kayakers never want to compromise the length of the kayak for light weight. Then thick hard board strips can be used for the prototype. The strip built kits also allow lot freedom in designing the form of boat.

Here pre cut ply woods are stitched together along with the joints and then they are glued.

The shape of the panel decides the shape of the boat. The 2 dimensional panels are bent and the curved edges are stitched. The stitch and glue model will provide extreme strength to the boat since it uses small number of wood pieces. They are the most suitable design for kits.

The hybrid kits mean that of any design boat that combines both stitch and glue and Strip built methods. Normally the hull is designed in Stitch and glue method and the deck is designed with strip built method.

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