Kayak Anchor

A kayak is a little narrow boat that can be propelled with an oar or paddle. Nowadays kayaking is becoming an excellent entertainment for spending the vacation or even for sports.

Kayak anchors are required to keep the boat in place. Otherwise it is difficult to find the kayak when you leave it and go for walk. Kayak anchor is available in two sizes the large anchor and small anchor.

Small kayak anchor:

A small kayak anchor is a durable and compact anchor, ideal for kayak fisherman. The anchor is light weight normally 1.5 pounds. The anchor has folding arms that can hold fast on a beach to provide maximum stability. As it is compact you can carry it with you anywhere you want. So you can keep your kayak safe now with the small anchor. You can buy this anchor alone or with the protective case. It is a thermal molded case in which you can fold the arms of the anchor and keep it securely. The small anchor also has 50feet polypropylene rope for enhanced protection.

Large kayak anchor:

A large kayak anchor is a strong and compact anchor that will provide maximum performance at 3 lbs. You can get the anchor separately or along with the protective thermal molded foam case which helps to keep your anchor safe. You can old the leaf like arms and can keep it inside the case. It comes with 50 feet polypropylene rope. The large kayak anchor is most suitable for kayak fishing.

Folding kayak anchor:

Folding kayak anchor is a light weight and durable anchor. The normal weight of this anchor is 1.5 kilo grams. You can fold this anchor and can carry easily wherever you go. The lengthy anchor helps to stabilize your kayak in the deep water areas. This is ideal for kayak fishing. It fixes firmly on any soil and therefore offers enhanced stability. It is very cheap and so you can get it easily from any sports stores.

Kayak anchor kit:

Kayak anchor kit fulfills all your anchor requirements. It contains 1.5 lb anchor, 50 inch rope, mesh bag and snap hook. You can keep your anchor safely in the bag and you can also carry the kit easily. You can get 3 lbs anchor also in the kit. You can fix your boat in the bed or reef and can fish in the up current. The anchor helps in getting optimum stability.

Kayak sea anchor:

Generally the kayakers are advised to avoid heavy winds. The large waves will make running before the seas dangerous. It is better to stay in a stable position to face the winds. At that time sea anchor is more useful. The sea anchor is made up of piece of clothes that will be attached to the bow of boat. When the heavy wind pushes the boat backward then the sea anchor helps to maintain stability by resisting the waves and wind. But the kayakers should use the sea anchor in some situations only. In fact there are no separate sea anchors for kayak. Yet there are drift anchors that can be used for kayak fishing and for protecting the boat from storm.

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