KAyak Sales

Kayak sales offer a wide range of sea kayaks and other kayaks. Some new kayaks that are offered for sale are as follows:

Prijon cruiser 320:

These are the high quality white water kayaks. This kayak is made up of top quality plastic and is renowned for its light weight. You can get this kayak with or without rudder. the total weight of this kayak is 20 kilograms and is ideal for recreation.

Prijon Cruiser 2:

These are the recreational double kayaks with extra ordinary quality. The roomy cockpit allows easy entrance and exit. The weight of this kayak is 37 kilograms and this is ideal for beginners. The adjustable seat and back rest offers more comfort to the paddler.

Prijon prelite 470:

This kayak is fast, light and stable. The kayak is made up of unique prelite material which is lighter to all materials. The weight of this kayak is just 23 kilo grams and thus they offer easy handling and transporting. The light weight will not compromise the top quality. This kayak combines the durability of plastic and the light weight of fiber glass with the single material prelite.

Prijon Capri:

This kayak is made up of HTP plastic and offers top quality to the user. It is a double touring kayak that can accommodate two persons comfortably. The weight of this kayak is 35 kilo grams and they can be easily carried to places you want to go.

Dagger echo 12:

Dagger Echo 12 is the most comfortable kayak that allows you to carry fishing gear, your child and even your pet. It has skeg which can be easily retractable that helps in tracking. It has soft padded seat that offers more comfort and compartment for dry storage.

Dagger Echo 14:

This kayak has almost the same feature of Dagger echo 12 but with the small difference of having extra large cockpit. The soft padded seat and compartment for dry storage are other exciting features. You can include the fishing version in your kayak that includes rod holders and dash board.

Dagger voyager FX:

This kayak is fast and stable. This kayak has some excellent features like smooth tracking which helps you to fish. It has deluxe seat and back rest to allow you fishing for longer period of time. The total weight of this kayak is 20 kilo grams. It has flush mounted rod holders, additional storage space and central hutch.

Cobra Pro fisherman:

This is one of the best fishing kayaks. It is made up of linear polyethylene and therefore it offers light weight than other kayaks. It has rectangular cockpit, two drink holders and rod holders. The unique hull design provides more stability and great speed.

Dagger black water 2:

This is a recreational double kayak that has comfortable seating arrangement for two adults and one child. The retractable skeg allows in easy tracking even in bad weather conditions. Hence this kayak is safe.

Dagger Cayman expedition:

This is a wonderful touring kayak that offers stability and speed. It is more suitable medium distance touring, surfing and fishing. The weight of this kayak is 26 kilo grams.

All these kayaks offered for sales have introductory offer that will help you to buy at low price.

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