KAyak Racks

Car roof top kayak racks are available in the market to carry the kayaks to various places as you wish.

Malone stax xv car top kayak racks:

It includes front and rear carrier to carry two kayaks. It also contains 12 foot strap and buckle pads to protect kayaks from scratching or other minor damages. In order to place the hull of the kayak this product has semi flexible padded carriers. You can also get the optional kayak lock to safeguard your kayak in the rack. It is made up of scratch resistant plastic and hence it can keep your kayak safe.

Proline boat look kayak rack:

It is made up of heavy duty steel with black polyester powder coat finish. It can carry all types of kayaks up to 32 inches. It contains 9 foot straps to protect your kayak from falling and scratches. It has custom mounting brackets.

Malone MPG 106 Auto loader kayak racks:

This product has unique ramp design that helps you in loading your kayak. It includes front an rear carrier and it can carry one kayak. It has extended frame dimension to carry large beam kayaks. The semi flexible padded carriers provide large space for the hull of your kayak.

Thule #830 Stacker kayak racks:

It can carry 4 kayaks. It has 14 foot strap and buckle bumpers to avoid damage and scratches. It is made up of durable aluminum that has rust resistance capability. You can fold them when not in use. You can also use the optional cable lock to keep your kayak safe. You can strap 2 kayaks in each side of this stacker rack.

Thule hull a port kayak rack:

This rack is designed to pad your kayak gently. There is no need of any installation work for this rack. This is very easy to load. You can lift your kayak, put it in place and cinch it down. The quick draw straps and buckles help to keep your kayak in place. Therefore you need not fear for any damage or scratches. Now you can carry your ocean or white water kayaks easily with Thule hull a port rack.

Yakima kayak racks:

Yakima offers wide range of kayak racks like sea kayak racks, white water kayak racks etc. They are custom designed to keep your kayak safe and to carry them to places you want easily. Yakima car roof kayak racks fit any kayak shape. T has firm grips to keep kayak fixed in its place. A single person is enough to load and unload the kayak. There is no installation procedure for this rack. You can carry your kayak smoothly and securely with these racks. The hully rollers will connect the rack cross bars

Yakima hull raiser aero kayak racks are ideal to fit any hull design of kayak like recreational kayak, sea kayak, touring kayak etc. These racks fit nicely to any type of carriers like Thule cross bars or Yakima cross bars. Yakima stacker car roof kayak rack can hold up to 4 kayaks.

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