Heritage Kayaks

Heritage kayaks provide an excellent way to spend a great day on water either to fish or watch birds.The Heritage traditional kayaks are light weight and comfortable kayaks. Due to its light weight it is easy to transport. The feather lite model kayaks will allow you to get wonderful experience.

Feather lite 9.5 is designed to provide more comfort for the paddler. It offers stable and easy to paddle platform. You can get these kayaks in any of the available brilliant colors. Feather lite 9.5 Angler provides maximum stability to allow the paddler to do fishing. This is an easy to paddle kayak. It has large cockpit area to allow easy entry and exit. It comes with adjustable foot braces and new drain, vent and comfort seating system. It also contains anchor system that will offer maximum flexibility while fishing.

Feather lite 12 has additional length and volume for more carrying capacity. It is light weight and it offers optimum stability. It can be used to paddle in flat water. The large cockpit fits even larger or taller paddlers. It also contains adjustable foot braces and new seating system. Feather lite 14 is ideal for beginners. The straight line feature of this kayak never compromises in easy turning. It is excellent for recreation and touring.

Feather lite Tandem is a beautiful light weight kayak with two separate fully equipped cockpits. This is a perfect kayak for families, couples etc. You can even take your pet with you while kayaking. This is a faster kayak with superb handling characteristics. It has top quality finish and rugged tough construction.

Sting ray 10 is a comfortable kayak for beginners. It has large cockpit area and so you can easily get in and out. It provides maximum stability and easy turnings. Pisgah 14 has V shaped design which provides excellent stability and good speed. It has easily adjustable thigh braces.

All these traditional kayaks are made up of top quality polyethylene and they have high resistance capacity to heat distortion. Polyethylene is more expensive than plastic. Yet they are used in Heritage traditional kayaks to offer durability and abrasion resistance.

These kayaks are suitable for fishing enthusiasts. You can use the range of fishing kayaks to fish in local pond or oceans. Feather lite 12 and 14 Angler kayaks are the traditional fishing kayaks that will offer an excellent platform for fishing. These kayaks have the features of non confine cockpit and separate storage area for gear. The new drain, vents and cushions seating system provides optimum comfort to the paddler.

Red Fish 12 Angler is another fishing kayak is a wonderful, high performance kayak ideal for both beginner and experienced fisherman. The Angler design provides superior stability while fishing. These kayaks can be used in ponds, lakes, light oceans etc for fishing. The red fish 12 Angler package also consists of two flush mounted rod holders, paddle tether, anchor system etc.

Red Fish 14 Angler is suitable for fishing even on windy days. The cockpit was large enough to accommodate tall kayaker. The other features include Anchor system, paddler tether etc.

The entire Heritage kayaks come in beautiful colors. They are designed to provide more stability and thereby they offer confidence to the fishermen. Each model has its own capacity level which allows you to carry maximum load.

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