Fishing Kayaks

Fishing kayaks provide superb stability in water so that you could enjoy many happy hours in fishing. Viking Fishing kayaks come in two models single kayak and double kayak.

Single Kayak

Predators single kayaks are designed for speed and stability. The molded handles at each side allow easy handling without any stress. The rudders are designed to keep touch in water always. The maximum load capacity of these kayaks is 130kilo grams.

Topaz single kayaks are designed to paddle fast and to turn in directions easily. They are suitable for fishing even on strong waves. They have comfortable seating and back rest so that the user can paddle for long hours.

Viking Nemo single seater kayaks are the larger single kayak. Yet they are light weight. They have extra large cockpit to fit large paddler.

Tempo Fisherman is another single kayak which has an electric motor. They are made up of durable polyethylene. They have comfortable molded seats and cockpit drains. There is separate speed control option also. There is space for keeping the battery box.

Sting ray kayak is a single seater kayak with see through glass bottom. It is more suitable for light oceans. The viewing panel is made up of super tough UV rated clear polycarbonate and therefore it is normally unbreakable.

Double kayaks

Double kayaks are ideal for fishing and enjoying the fun of paddling in river or sea water with your family.

Nemo2 plus is a double fishing kayak which can accommodate 2 adults and one child. It is also made up of poly ethylene material and therefore they are durable. Yet they are light weight. Tempo fisherman 2 is a comfortable fishing kayak which is powered by an electric motor. It has separate battery box, high back seat, comfortable molded seat, adjustable pedals for steering and some other features. You can paddle or use motor to have more fun for many hours in this kayak.

Heritage Red fish kayaks

The unique hull design in red fish kayak provides more stability and good speed. The cockpit is spacious and so it can provide room for eve large paddler. These kayaks are available in brilliant colors. This kayak has the greatest ability if paddling in uneven waters. The Heritage Redfish kayaks have adjustable back rest and cockpit drain. It is designed as sit on top model to put you where the fish is going to be. The storage hatch will allow you to carry all of your fishing gear.

Hobie sport fisherman kayak:

This kayak has superior rudder system which helps to paddle smoothly in water. The deluxe seat offers optimum comfort to the paddler. There are separate drink holders, molded storage holders etc. It is great craft for kayak fishing.

Hobie out back fisherman kayak:

These kayaks have superb pedal system to allow free hand fishing. You can paddle with little effort. You can get the rod holders and anchor separately for this kayak. These kayaks offer great stability and good speed.

Hobie adventure:

This is one of the fastest kayaks. It has hand controlled features and a comfortable molded seat. You can even add separate a fishing package to your kayak. The fishing package includes fishing hatch storage trays, mesh bag etc.

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