Wrist Joint Pain

Burning, numbness and even tingling can often accompany wrist joint pain; the causes behind the symptoms are sometimes manifold and complex, making one barely cope with the situation. Wrist joint pain makes it difficult to grasp objects, particularly when swelling is manifest too. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a first worth mentioning cause for wrist joint pain, an illness that affects people of all ages in \the most common of situations. It appears when you type on the computer, when using a vibrating tool or simply when playing handball or tennis. Arthritis and rheumatism are other health affections that trigger chronic wrist joint pain.

If there is any bruising or other sign of injury, the wrist joint pain is triggered by some form of injury. The severity of the condition can only be established following a minute medical exam in order to determine whether it is a bone fracture, a sprain, tendinitis or bursitis. The treatment addresses both the alleviation of the symptoms as well as the elimination of the cause. You can use anti-inflammatory drugs, ointments, relaxing gels as well as the more practical ice bags. All these reduce swelling and alleviate the wrist joint pain; in the severest of cases cortisone shots could also be administrated.

When you go to the doctor for a wrist joint pain, the health care provider will need to determine if the symptoms experienced by the patient are chronic or acute. The first to be investigated are the signs of joint deterioration; the diagnosis for arthritis or the loosening of the joint can be determined only by X-rays taken with the wrist in several different positions. Depending on the severity of the wrist joint pain, a treatment will be prescribed and the patient will be kept under medical observation when it is the case.

Surgery could also be a solution if the wrist joint pain is caused by a very serious condition; this is the case, for instance, with basal joint arthritis. A surgical intervention could either involve the fusion of the bones in the joint or the removal of the arthritis-affected joint tissue and the insertion of new material between the bones. Each of these surgical options has its drawbacks the most common of which include stiffness of the hand and even partial loss of motion. You should discuss the pros and cons with the doctor before making any decision for solving the wrist joint pain problem.

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