Thumb Joint Pain

Associated with physical trauma or chronic joint conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism, thumb joint pain can be more than bothersome, since the discomfort of the pain is often accompanied by an impaired grip. If thumb joint pain is caused by arthritis the symptom is not permanent; it only becomes bothersome when you make a sudden movement or attempt a more forceful grip at something. Casual activities like opening the lid of a jar or turning the key in the lock are some of the motions that trigger arthritic problems. Stiffness and inflammation are two other symptoms that accompany thumb joint pain as well.

For regular hand injury, any possible thumb joint pain is temporary and alleviates at the use of anti-inflammatory medication. The pain and swelling are the body reaction to trauma, and they actually represent the first automatic defense response of the system. Keeping the thumb or the whole hand immobile may help as well as the use of very cold bandages or ice bags on the affected area. Do not administrate pain killers without talking to a doctor first; on a regular basis such medication is only prescribed for the severest of health issues not for a mere thumb joint pain. Failure to stick to such warnings may open the door for other serious problems.

The real causes behind arthritic thumb joint pain are not really known, and studies are still being made in this direction. It usually affects people over forty that also have a defective cartilage history and ligament laxity as a hereditary problem. A physical trauma accompanied by very serious thumb joint pain may often result in tendon looseness. Unfortunately the condition can only be solved surgically if regular oral and topical treatments fail. Local anti-inflammatory drugs have fewer side effects than pills that are usually known to cause very nasty digestive reactions.

In case the cartilage in the joint is damaged, the thumb may be very difficult to use for the simplest of activities. Severe thumb joint pain is experienced every time you attempt to move your hand for gripping or grasping. The use of special supplements that trigger the cartilage regeneration is the only way to get rid of such thumb joint pain. Shark cartilage and amino sugars are the best known solutions so far. Once the soft tissue of the joint starts growing back, you'll be surprised to see how the thumb joint pain slowly decreases in intensity until it totally disappears.

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