Supplements For Joint Pain

Alternative medicine has often proved a viable solution for the treatment of various joint conditions from arthritis to sprains and strains. Most herbal and homeopathic supplements for joint pain deal either with the swelling and the discomfort caused by the injury or with the regeneration of the damaged joint cartilage that accompanies serious chronic affections such as arthritis and rheumatism. Shark cartilage is one of the most potent remedies meant to trigger the natural recovery of the joint affected tissue; it improves mobility and reduces the pains and swelling in the area. Such supplements for joint pain actually bring the active principles that the body lacks for the recovery.

Other supplements for joint pain rely on the use of amino-sugars such as glucosamine that is normally found in the composition of the joint tissue. Amino-sugars speed up the recovery process of the joints by allowing the regrowth of joint tissue. Regeneration has so far been the only known “remedy” to chronic joint pain, but the responsiveness of the body to the treatment has a heavy word to say in the matter. Shark cartilage and glucosamine supplements for joint pain are usually used in combination, and they are a bit more expensive than other similar cures.

When it comes to herbal supplements for joint pain, one definitely has a varied range of traditional remedies to choose from. Nettle leaf for instance is successfully used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis; nettle juice is recognized as a natural anti-inflammatory cure reducing not only swelling but alleviating pain as well. Boswellia Serata falls under the same category as nettle leaf; the two herbs are often used in combination in the structure of several supplements for joint pain. This herb grows in India and it is part of the traditional Ayurvedical medical legacy.

Last but not least we need to mention the herb with the longest history in the treatment of joint pain and arthritis, that has a proved efficiency for the treatment of several affections: ginger. Many supplements for joint pain rely on the volatile oils extracted from the ginger rhizome. They are very widely used in very wide areas on the globe, and para-pharmaceutical manufactures have started producing various gels and oral supplements for joint pain that rely on the active principles of ginger. Even when consumed as a spice, it helps to the prevention of articular disease, prolonging the positive health state of joints and cartilages.

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