Shoulder Joint Pain

Considered one of the most common soft tissue issues, shoulder joint pain is experienced daily by thousands of people. Doctors keep stressing the fact that medical diagnosis is an essential step to be taken before starting any treatment at all. Here are some of the most common causes for shoulder joint pain and the recovery options for each of them. Mention should be made that only a health care provider can determine the severity of the affection and the extent of the treatment.

The rotator's cuff is one such problem that triggers shoulder joint pain for a wide range of motions. The rotator's half is actually responsible for many of the shoulder moves. If a tear occurs at this joint level then you are likely to experience some of the most painful moments of your life. Why is the rotator's half so important? First of all, we need to mention that this is a group of muscles and tendons that wrap the shoulder joint. An injury to the area would be most frustrating since movement will be drastically impaired.

Another cause for shoulder joint pain is the so-called “frozen shoulder”, an affection that leads to the scarring of the joint capsule. The frozen shoulder has not been given a generally valid medical explanation yet: it can be related to trauma, age, gender and even endocrine problems, but no clearcut motif can be identified in the first place. Statistics indicate that people who suffer from diabetes are more likely to develop this form of shoulder joint pain.

A possible treatment for shoulder joint pain is the administration of cortisone shots that are known to have a great anti-inflammatory effect. Cortisone is a naturally occurring body hormone secreted by the adrenal gland when we are under stress; released in the blood stream systematically it has a pretty short-lasting effect. The relief of the shoulder joint pain that follows the administration of cortisone injections is actually the consequence of swelling diminution.

Cortisone takes a few days to show any effect against shoulder joint pain, but the treatment remains efficient for at least a few weeks depending from individual to individual and from case to case. The great advantage is that the side effects of cortisone can be kept minimum even if very high doses are administrated. When given in the joint directly, cortisone shots can be a little painful, but not unbearable. It is advisable to follow this treatment under the direct observation of person with medical training.

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