Relieve Joint Pain

Drugs that relieve joint pain are the first immediate and very rapid solution to turn to when suffering from a physical trauma or a painful health condition such as rheumatism or arthritis. The real cause behind the pain and the inflammation of the joint tissue is the secretion of specific hormones or stimuli, which are the chemicals the body needs in order to heal the injured area. Do not attempt to relive joint pain by administrating drugs which have not been prescribed by the doctor. Stomach upset and even intestinal bleeding are often associated with the use of such medication.

The dosage and the moment of administration for such medicine that helps relieve joint pain can be specified by the health care provider who will take a variety of factors into consideration before advising for the treatment. The patient's medical history and any past health problems may have a word to say in the course of action taken in order to relieve joint pain. You can nevertheless use ointments and gels that have a pain relieving effect on swollen and painful tissues. Under no circumstances should you turn to pain killers to relieve joint pain since such medication is far too strong and even dangerous for the mere treatment of trauma or arthritis.

Pain killers taken to relieve joint pain can give addiction and force you to gradually increase the dosage even if the condition that you started administrating them for no longer exists. Even when prescribed by the doctor, you are still likely to experience the withdrawal effects that the interruption of the treatment actually brings. Sometimes the doctor may advise for a gradual decrease of the drug dosage so as to avoid the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. There are certain first aid measures to take into consideration when you are trying to relieve joint pain before getting to the doctor.

Right after joint trauma you should not apply any more pressure on the area: do not attempt massaging as you may cause more harm. Avoid warmth in the area, and apply an ice bag or a cold bandage to relieve joint pain and prevent swelling. If you suffered the trauma at one of the limbs, it is absolutely necessary that you do not put any further pressure on the joint. Avoid walking or standing on the affected leg for instance, and keep the area as immobile as possible. Do not postpone medical investigations since the condition may require special treatment depending on the severity of the injury.

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