Muscle And Joint Pain

Muscle and joint pain make one of the common manifestations of the systemic disease known as lupus erythematosus. People who suffer from it are likely to develop muscle and joint pain on a regular basis particularly during flu episodes or other illness. From case to case and depending on the resistance to pain, muscle and joint pain can make one feel very sick; even more often, such symptoms are misdiagnosed as arthritis. Loss of body strength is a major consequence of lupus erythematosus; the muscle and joint pain can appear anywhere on the body: in the hips, the shoulders, the elbows or the knees. In case the patient is overweight, then an additional pressure is laid on the affected areas.

Physical trauma is another very possible cause for muscle and joint pain. Under such circumstances the symptoms are temporary and likely to disappear in a few days, according to the severity of the condition. Sometimes a sprain or a muscular overuse can camouflage an incipient arthritis as the pain is pretty similar and not so easy to differentiate when both injury and arthritic cartilage are present. The problems can be detected if they are diagnosed in the early stage of evolution, the more time passes, the more difficult the recovery.

Thyroid problems can also trigger muscle and joint pain, which in medical terms is referred to as “myapathies”: a disease that affects muscles and skeleton at the same time. The condition usually affects the peripheral muscles and joints in the limbs, being less frequent in the middle of the body. This type of muscle and joint pain can easily evolve in autoimmune thyroid disease when the white cells will attack the blood vessels in the tissues and around joints. The muscle and joint pain is actually the result of the accumulation of certain biochemicals resulted from the deficient function of the thyroid.

Over-training or over-use of muscles and joints is another cause for painful and apparently unexplained pain episodes. Many weightlifting beginners will work out the same groups of muscles daily without allowing a two-day interval between exercises. Rest is just as important as training for the development of muscular mass, failure to respect this principle will lead to muscle and joint pain as well as temporary loss of stamina. It is good to follow a strict workout routine in order to avoid any possible muscle overuse, and achieve the best training results possible.

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