Muscle And Joint Pain Relief

Finding the right muscle and joint pain relief implies a careful analysis of the elements that trigger it; treatments are often circumstantial particularly when the discomfort is due to a physical trauma of a certain kind. Muscle and joint pain relief differs sometimes according to age groups: the elderly are more likely to experience stiffness and articular pains than younger adults. In teenagers and children muscle and joint problems are very rare and caused either by disease or trauma.

Hormones are used as a very efficient muscle and joint pain relief; cortisone remains one of the main anti-inflammatory agents normally secreted by the human body. Paradoxically two other hormones are responsible for inflammations: cortisol and insulin that are present in high concentration in our bodies because of the imbalanced diet, and the consume of caffeine. Estrogen modifications in women's body is also responsible for the modification of the joint tissues making them more susceptible to pain.

For chronic problems a major step in achieving muscle and joint pain relief is a balanced life style with proper supplements and a good healthy diet. Relaxation and physical exercises also contribute to the alleviation of the joint and muscle problems with hormonal causes. Otherwise, anti-inflammatory drugs are the first to be used in order to combat pain. Such remedies are to be administered for a short period of time and only according to the doctor's orders.

Statistics indicate that the drugs usually taken for muscle and joint pain relief are some of the most toxic for the body system: not only could they trigger a whole range of serious adverse reactions, but they could also lead to major liver or kidney problems in case these organs are in a more sensitive condition. An alternative muscle and joint pain relief is a homeopathic ointment that contains bee venom; such a cure has been used since the antiquity when doctors would place bees directly on the painful joint.

Another useful muscle and joint pain relief is warm salty water; this traditional anti-inflammatory cure will alleviate pain and contribute to the relaxation of both muscles and tissues. In case the pains you are experiencing are due to some strenuous physical activity, the best remedy is rest. Try to use the affected body parts as little as possible and avoid effort until there is no symptom left. You should see the doctor right away if you suspect a serious muscle injury.

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