Joint Pains

Joint pains are discomforts one will inevitably experience sooner or later; less frequent in childhood, adolescence and maturity years, joint pains become a common occurrence during the old age. The natural causes for joint pains lie in the erosion of the cartilages that cover the bones so that the bony surfaces get to rub against each other resulting in very much pain. This inconvenient occurs in time when the joints give in because of age, or because of health conditions such as arthritis. The regeneration of joint cartilages is not always possible and it usually occurs if the problem is discovered in the early stages of evolution.

Cortisone shots are administrated as a good remedy against very intense joint pains. Otherwise, if the problem occurs because of physical trauma or injury, local cures can be used successfully. For people who cannot take anti-inflammatory drugs owing to the many side effects they trigger, there is always the solution of homeopathic supplements that are best reputed for the treatment of joint pains. Talk to a homeopathic therapist or a herbalist to prevent any possible interferences with other drugs that you may be taking. Alternative medicine also provides quite a wide range of solutions for joint pains.

Let's take for example the case of pressure massage that insists on the opening of the energetic channels. The practice relies on the use of pressure points that are the basis of reflexology and Chinese medical practice. Rheumatic joint pains are known to alleviate at the application of special ointments that stimulate blood flow in the tendons, ligaments and muscles. Pressing certain points on the soles of the feet also helps release tension and bring relief to people who suffer from chronic pain. More recently scientists have proved that stress management techniques contribute to the better control of joint pains.

Though it may sound far-fetched, studies indicate that incorrect working positions, stressful activities and a sedentary life style contribute to the intensity of joint pains for the people who suffer from chronic ailments. Thus, a person who has developed arthritis for instance, is more likely to experience discomfort during those days when the stress levels are higher. Joint pains could also be connected to weather changes and temperature variations. Folk beliefs claim that during such days, warm salty baths can help alleviate pain and increase the overall body comfort. Yet, some people will feel much better when using cold bandages on the affected joints rather than keeping them warm.

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