Hip Joint Pain

Given the many causes of hip joint pain, very thorough medical investigations are usually required before making a diagnosis. Failure or ignorance to do so may lead to the administration of a possible incorrect treatment with serious consequences for the overall health state. Arthritis is very often the main factor that causes hip joint pain. Mineral supplements and remedies that would trigger the cartilage regeneration processes are usually prescribed; in case they do not solve the problem, there is also the surgical solution to arthritic hip joint pain. The procedure involves the hip replacement by very advanced medical operations that can only be made after a serious analysis of the patient's condition.

Bursitis and tendinitis are two other problems that have hip joint pain as the main symptom. Bursitis refers to the swelling of the bursa over the hip joint, whereas tendinitis is the affection of the hip tendons. Both usually occur because of a physical trauma and require local, oral and even surgical treatment. Another possible explanation for hip joint pain is the improper blood flow in the area. Without oxygen and nutrients that the blood carries, the cells will deteriorate and die; unfortunately, the frequency of the affection is pretty high, and it generally affects the hip joints.

Though the list of health problems lying behind hip joint pain is pretty long, we think it may be useful to mention one other issue that usually affects infants and babies: development dysplasia. The hip may be dislocated because of a birth trauma or get out of the right position by some accident. The problem prevents the child to develop properly, causing early arthritis and even walking deficiencies. The occurrence rate is higher for girls than for boys. A medical check around two months of age should allow for the early diagnosis and treatment.

It is highly advisable to call the doctor if you experience severe hip joint pain, or if the discomfort persists for at least a few days. Swelling, fever and infection symptoms that accompany hip joint pain should also be reported to the doctor right away. The treatment of hip problems is causal, meaning that it is closely connected to the nature of the affection. Rest and bed immobilization are often recommended as a means of speeding recovery. Besides anti-inflammatory drugs you may also have to do some physical therapy at a specialized medical center or recuperation clinic.

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