Foot Joint Pain

The foot has the most complex bone structure in the entire body: there are twenty six bones and over thirty joints. Occasionally everybody experiences foot joint pain accompanied by swelling and stiffness of the affected area as well. Such problems are triggered either by trauma, arthritis, infections or even structural deficiencies. Foot joint pain can also be caused by gout inflammation accompanied by discomfort and difficulty to walk. Ibuprofen is probably the most popular anti-inflammatory drug prescribed for foot joint pain, but ice bags and leg support will always help too. If you do not know the cause of a foot joint pain it is good to address a specialist in the field for a thorough investigation.

A misalignment of the toes joints will also cause severe foot joint pain; this usually happens when the feet are arched in the wrong way keeping the toes bent. The majority of the treatments aim at curing such foot joint pain by relieving the pressure the misalignment of the toes causes. You may also try some alternative remedies or prevention methods such as shoe protections and even toe shields that limit the friction on the toes. Last but not least, much of the foot joint pain can be alleviated by wearing very comfortable shoes adequate for the season.

Gout is among the nastiest problems that have foot joint pain as one of the symptoms. Gout causes inflammation and stiffness of the joints owing to an accumulation of uric acid in the tissues. People who suffer from such a condition cannot rely on anti-inflammatory drugs as such treatments are not designed for long term usage. Massage, acupuncture and a proper diet are likely to help to an improvement of the health condition. Spinach, beans and peas should be left out of the diet since they trigger gout attacks with serious joint pain by their high content of uric acid.

Foot joint pain caused by physical trauma is the easiest to cope with given the fact that the condition is temporary. Depending on the severity of the condition you can recover by simpling putting a bag of ice on the affected area or you may have to lie in bed for a longer period of time. Do not administrate the treatment on your own; in case you suspect the injury to be superficial, do not wait more than forty-eight hours before you address the health care provider. This mention is valid only in case the pain does not stop in the meantime.

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