Elbow Joint Pain

Intense elbow joint pain is what you'll experience when you strain the elbow tendons more than once; this condition will often result from repetitive moves of the forearm. Tennis playing, window washing or even the manual use of a screwdriver can trigger a very upsetting elbow joint pain that is usually obvious at the end of the day when you rest. In time after repeated minor injuries, calcium deposits and abnormalities develop on the tendons. When X-ray exams reveal such problems the only solution to put an end to the elbow joint pain is surgery. However, if the condition is not bothersome at all, the doctor may decide to leave it as it is.

The treatment for elbow joint pain consists in the administration of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like naproxen, ibuprofen and diclofenac or cortisone given as shots for the severest of cases. Re-injury can often be prevented if you wear a strap around the elbow. Bursitis is one other cause for nasty elbow joint pain; such episodes are usual after minor trauma, or in relation with gout and rheumatoid arthritis. Patients most often regain mobility after some periods of mild rehabilitation exercises meant to stimulate the natural recovery of the joint.

A very painful and more difficult to treat condition is elbow fracture that renders the entire arm immobile. Besides the great elbow join pain, the patient will also have to go through the trauma of surgery since the recovery involves orthopedic pinning and the complete opening of the joint. A much fortunate case is a sprain, which even if it is very painful, it still doesn't compare with the ordeal you may go through if you had the forearm broken. Fractures are one of the cases when pain killers can be prescribed for ensuring a minimal comfort level for the patient.

Do not ignore a persisting or recurring elbow joint pain; the doctor will want to know the pain intensity, the exact location and the context in which it usually appears. If a child complains about such a condition take him or her to the doctor right away, neglect to do so may lead to an aggravation of the condition. Moreover, anti-inflammatory drugs should not be administrated to children without the doctor's recommendation; for kids below twelve years of age an adjustment of the drug dosage is required in order to limit the risk of side effects to the minimum.

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