Chronic Joint Pain

Chronic joint pain may be triggered by extremely serious diseases such as allergies, lupus, arthritis and fibromyalgia; sometimes the discomfort is a direct consequence of a health problem or a mere symptom of another condition. The latter case is relevant for the joint swelling specific to very serious allergy cases. Though it is rarer with children, anyone can experience chronic joint pain; yet middle aged and elder adults are the most exposed of all. Arthritis is the main cause of chronic joint pain, and without the proper regeneration of the cartilages the condition follows a serious deterioration path. When the bones start to rub against each other the intensity of the pain is at the highest, and this usually happens in the advanced stages of arthritis.

There is a whole range of treatments prescribed for the relief of chronic joint pain, and they include not only traditional medication but herbal and mineral supplements as well as stress management techniques, special physical therapy and diet. For extreme conditions there are all sorts of braces and supports that are meant to reduce osteo-skeletal pressure and thus relieve chronic joint pain. A good example of treatment through diet is that of rheumatoid arthritis that is an ailment related to a deficient immune system.

Statistics indicate that people who do lots of physical activities are less likely to develop chronic joint pain episodes in the limbs, back or neck. Therefore, prevention could actually be the answer to serious ailments like arthritis. Hence, swimming for instance is one of the most complex sports as it trains a high number of muscles and joints without putting any pressure on them. The most important part of the recovery process of people who suffer osteo-skeletal injuries consists in regular sessions of physical exercises.

Patients who suffer from chronic joint pain have to undergo regular medical investigations in order to check for improvement or deterioration of their condition. The doctor is the one to advise for a specific course of action in case anti-inflammatory drugs need to be prescribed, the dosage will be adjusted taking into consideration the patient's age and overall health condition. Supplements that contain condroitin and glucozamine may help to the regeneration of the soft joint tissues, allowing for the growth of new cartilages to protect the bones and prevent their rubbing against each other. Mineral formulas could also work well under the circumstances, but it is advisable that they be prescribed by the doctor as a non-specific treatment for chronic joint pain.

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