What To Wear For A Job Interview

If you are having an appointment for an important job interview then you should do a little bit of homework before giving the interview. You should be dressed correctly for the interview.What to wear for a job interview is the first thought that comes to the mind of the candidate who has to attend an interview.An interviewer perception is based on what you wear for the job interview. Managers essspecially from military background can decide a lot about you by simply glancing at your shoes. Clothes reflect your image. A good outfit can project you well for the interview. If you are very casual in your appearance, it may send a signal that you are disinterested in the job. A very formal appearance will indicate that you are very rigid. To make a good impression clothes should be altered to fit.

Here are some tips on what to wear for a job interview for both women and men.

Choose a simple but formal attire if you are not sure about the dress code of the employees in the company. You can call the HR assistant or the receptionist to inquire about the dress code of the company. Your hair should be properly combed. You should look neat and clean. It gives a long lasting impression to the interviewer. Neat hairstyle is a must before going for an interview. Fingernails should be clean and trimmed. There should be minimal usage of perfume or cologne.

Here are some suggestions for women on what to wear for a job interview.

Women should wear skirted suits. It is a better choice than pantsuits. Skirted suits are universally accepted in almost all companies. Some companies are so particular that if they wear pantsuit in an interview they are in a position of loosing the job.. If you want the offer letter in your hand, then the safest option could be to wear a skirtsuit.Wearing a pantsuit is considered to be unprofessional and outdated.

You should wear limited jewellery such as one wedding ring, if you are married. Avoid gaudy jewelry. Do not wear tongue or nose jewelry. Make up should be minimum. You can use an unscented antiperspirant that will help you smell good even .It is possible that you perspire a lot due to nervousness. If you want to polish your nails use a mild nail polish. Bring a briefcase for the interview instead of purse.

Here are some suggestions for men on what to wear for a job interview

Wear a decent suit. The suit should be preferably of color which is soothing to the eyes. Wear a tie and a long sleeve shirt. Do not wear bow ties. Shoes should be dark in color. Wear matching socks. Generally, socks should be dark. Before going for an interview have a clean haircut. A short and neat hairstyle would be very impressive. Avoid wearing any earrings.

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