Job Interview Thank You Notes

After you finish giving the interview, you must send a thank you letter within 24 hours to the interviewer. In almost every career book, job seekers are advised to send thank you letter or a thank you note. You will be surprised to know that only 5 percent of job hunters send thank you letter to the interviewer. Sending job interview thank you note is a simple but crucial task

Employers will be pleased to see your thank you note. Job interview thank you note is a form of courtesy that you can show towards your employer. You can differentiate yourself from other candidates by giving a thank you note. It also indicates that you are very much interested in the job.

By giving a thank you note, chances of acquiring the job increases. You can impress your employer by giving a job interview thank you note. A thank you note can make a big difference. A thank you note is a simple gesture that job seekers often forget to give. A thank you letter shows that you really need the job.

If you do not want the job, you can write a thank you note and withdraw the application respectfully. Some interviewers think and feel less of those candidates who do not send thank you notes. A job interview thank you note can be a simple handwritten note or typed business letter. Some say it has to be typed business letter but studies have shown that it really does not matter. The important thing is sending the letter to the employer. Write your letter that is tailored to the relationship that you had established with the interviewer during the interview.

If your relationship with the employer dictates personal touch then you should send a handwritten thank you note. If you are interviewed by several people then it is essential to send thank you note to each one. You can make only one thank you note and send copies of it to each one. This is the best approach, as it will save your hardships of writing thank you note to each one.

Sending an emailed thank you note depends on the company’s culture. If employees of the company are frequently using mails, then your decision of sending an emailed thank you note is correct. Personally delivering a thank you note to the interviewer will definitely make a very good impression. If you want to make a better impression, personalize it.

Before sending, a thank you note see to it, that there are no spelling and grammatical mistakes in the thank you note. Spelling mistakes may irritate the interviewer. Even if your interview has been good, a poorly documented sloppy will definitely increase the chance of loosing the job. A job interview than you note also demonstrate your writing skills. So be very careful while writing a thank you note. Ask someone to read your letter, before sending it to the interviewer. By doing this, you can rectify the mistakes that you have done in the note.

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