Job Interview Attire

In an interview other than the preparation for job interview questions and answers, the attire plays a very supporting role. Your behavior, interpersonal skills and ability are equally important elements that reflect your personality. Suitable attire helps your image as you are serious about the job and understand the nature of the industry in which you are trying to get employed. In some industries where customer contact and image presentation is necessary, your attire will be well judged.

Your attire should be appropriate and well fitted but it should not be the center of attraction. Such things may make bad impression in front of interviewer. Even if you know that other employees of company dress casually in the work place, you need to make sure that you are dressed up in formal attire unless someone of the employee tells you.

A two piece matched light colored suit always suits the best and is a safest choice for women. But if the job does not allow you to wear suit then you can wear jeans, especially if the work is at outdoor environment. Regarding colors, navy, dark gray (and black for women) are safe enough. Avoid other colors which are extreme or too dark.

You should wear well suited clothes. Do invest in quality that suits you, one good quality suit is enough for job search depending on your budget. You can change your shirt and tie accordingly to the colour of the suit. Select good quality silk ties. Do not choose very fashionable and funky type of ties.

Gents can preferably wear long sleeved shirts irrespective of the season and select colors like light blue, solid blue with conservative stripes. Wear dark colored socks, mid calf length so that no skin is visible when you sit down. Now it comes to shoes, leather, lace up, or slip-on business shoes mostly in black or dark brown or cordovan are fine. Buy good pair of shoes even though you donít wear daily, they are fine if you wear them on special occasion. Along with this black or cordovan leather belt it adds into perfect job interview attire.

For ladies they should put on well groomed make over. Apply everything light like lipstick, eyeshade etc. they should appear like almost nothing. Wear jewelry like simple diamond or something that will keep your professional look. Wear conservative watch. Set your hairs well so that you will look professional and not a collage student.

If you carry purse, keep it small and simple especially when you also have briefcase, the color of purse should co ordinate well with your whole attire, leather bags or purses will be good choice.

Your clothes should be clean, neatly pressed and fit properly. Avoid bulky briefcases carry only important documents with you instead of whole bunch from your school certificates. Last but not the least spray light perfumes and not an irritant and strong one.

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