How To Interview For A Job

Any job interview decides the fate of the candidate just within 10 minutes. Infact an employer even admits that he selects a candidate the moment he enters the room. According to him the candidate’s body language plays a pivotal role in deciding the candidate’s suitability for the post. Is it not quite amazingly that a person’s whole year effort goes into vain if he is not able to perform well just for few minutes. This is the hard reality of life so one should know how to interview for a job.

Everything starts with the preparation of the CV (Curriculum Vitae); which represents the image of the candidate in front of the employer. CV should be precise and should carry all the relevant information. Proper care about the font and layout should be taken.

The way one carries himself in the interview room plays a pivotal role in the candidate’s success or failure. Guides on how to interview for a job rarely focuses on dress code. Dress should be neat and clean, properly ironed and should present the candidate in a decent fashion. No need to wear costly apparel. Shoes should be well polished and one should carry a pleasant smile on his face. Before entering the room, knock on the door, take permission and then enter. All the members present in the interview panel should be greeted. One should carry all the relevant documents with himself. While answering any question, proper eye-contact should be maintained. The candidate should address all the members while answering. Excess movement of hand should be avoided because it creates a negative impression and also reflects the sign of impatience. If one is not able to understand a question then there is no harm in politely asking to repeat the question. While answering one should be polite and also brief.

The most important thing about how to interview for a job is in knowing that an interviewer is not just interested in the answer, he already knows the answer, the interviewer is interested in knowing how you are delivering those answers and your overall attitude during the interview.

During the interview a candidate might answer all the questions brilliantly but still he may not find his place in the final list. What went wrong? He is unable to decipher. Here is the catch. If you want to know how to interview for a job and definitely get the job, then do just one thing, create your own USP (Unique selling proposition). USP helps to create one’s distinct image and convinces the interviewer that he is not just one of the candidate but he is the most suitable candidate for the job blessed with some qualities which no other job-seekers have. Indeed this is the mantra, so without wasting your time create your own USP. The USP should state something distinct about yourself which most probably no one will have. No guide, no tips on how to interview for a job will help you getting a job if you do not have self confidence and the ability to handle stress.

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